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      16301 - 1847 SILVER
      16301 - 1847 SILVER
      16301 - 1847 SILVER
      16301 - 1847 SILVER

      16301 - 1847 SILVER

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      Valutazione media: 9.2/10 Nº valutazioni: 22
      #2 Il più venduto nel Seydel
      John da Estero (Stati Uniti) e altri 2 hanno acquistato questo prodotto negli ultimi 30 giorni.
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      Seydel 1847 argento Harmonica

      1847 SILVER

      L'armonica 1847 SILVER- corrosione libera Richter-diatonica con canne in acciaio inox
      Il 1847 SILVER impressiona per il suo aspetto visivo senza precedenti, ma anche da nuove caratteristiche tecniche.
      * Oltre le canne ed i rivetti le piastre di copertura e le viti reedplate sono realizzati in acciaio inox
      * Reedplates fatto di non corrosivo argento tedesco
      * Solido pettine polimero ben note caratteristiche del 1847 CLASSIC sono stati trasferiti al 1847 Argento:
      * meno aria-perdita a causa di Reedplates fine-cut - planarità ottimizzato ed estremamente piccole tolleranze tra canna e reedplate
      * Beard- e labbra da usare piastre di copertura con bordi arrotondati senza tagli al boccaglio
      * Il suono ricco di armoniche può diffondersi senza ostacoli - le coperture si spalancarono nella parte posteriore e pressare e quindi una buona stabilità e bordi arrotondati.
      E il suono del 1847 SILVER? Cercare di scoprire se vi piace anche meglio il suono del 1847 CLASSIC!

      9 Articoli

      Scheda tecnica

      10 hole harmonica

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      Bald Paul
      rating 10
      Love a nice heavy-in-your-hand solid harp. And Db?s sound so good. I use it to play along with Sarah McLachlan?s ?Angel? . Even hardened blues guys have softer sides.
      This harmonica is a treat
      rating 10
      This is the priciest harmonica in my collection. I needed a low F to replace a less expensive one I'd worn out. The stainless reeds have a different timbre from the brass I'd been playing, and I like it. It's easy to play and feels substantial and well-made.
      Good company. Superfast shipping.
      rating 10
      Good company. Superfast shipping.
      1847 Seydel
      rating 2

      Very disappointed by the quality and sound of this instrument. I think Seydel is overrated.

      rating 10
      Been playing since the late 60s. Best harp I?ve ever had. I play hard so I needed the durability. I?ll be getting all my favorite keys soon
      Seydel 1847 vs special 20
      rating 10
      Both are great, Seydel seems to have a very clean pure tone.
      Exellent. Et pour les pi?ces d?tach?es???
      rating 10
      Le son est magnifique
      i will buy more
      rating 10
      so far this seem to be a great harp a little expensive those
      Good harmonica but
      rating 7

      Seydel makes good quality harmonicas there's no doubt about that. But in this price range I found the Harmo?Custom harmonicas were far superior.
      Still a nice sound and a keeper.

      rating 10
      rating 10
      Seydel 1847 Silver are my favorite harmonicas. The sound quality is great for every blow or draw, and never degrades over time.
      Great sound, easy to play
      rating 10
      This harmonica was recommended to me by a professional harmonica player. They were right about the quality of the sound and the instrument itself. I consider it to be one of my best and I have others by Hohner, Lee Oskar, Harmo, Cascha, Fender and M. Suszuki. This is one of my favorites.
      Love my Seydel
      rating 10
      Love my harp, and quick shipping from HarmonicaLand.
      Extraordinary Harmonica
      rating 10
      My first Seydel and it's a pleasure to play. Have 3 more on order.
      KEY A 1847
      rating 10
      tough to rate at this time. I always use the Honer Special 20s heard about these and tried one. It seems very tight with no real projection. I play acoustic thru the PA and also thru a JT-30 with a hot crystal. I heard that the stainless steel reeds need break in time? It just just doesn't jump out yet and reverberate like the 20s The reeds on the 20s don't hold up that well and I thought the Silver would be different. I will give it a fair shake. I have a real busy March / April gig season coming up. Time will tell. I will keep you posted. Solid craftmenship for sure
      rating 10
      The same , a truly awesome harmonica.
      rating 10
      Seydel 1847 silver -key C
      rating 10
      Great tonal response
      Brad Seek
      rating 10
      I like the low F a lot and Seydel is a great product.
      Cut my lip and new support from the manufacturer
      rating 5
      This one cut my lip right away. It is too bad because it sounds amazing!
      Nice looking Seydel harp
      rating 8
      Just got my 1847 silver from harmonicaland, thanks to the fast shipping. Very nice harp not surewhy it is called Silver because there is no silver in it but stainless steel reeds that play well. Sound big really like it on electric blues tunes through my Fender champ.
      rating 10
      This is my first Seydel and it looks great and seems well made. I did play it and it seems responsive. So far I haven't tested it under normal gig situations with Covid shutting bars down so I can't review durability. For the price, I hope it is durable. Time will tell.

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      16301 - 1847 SILVER
      rating Visualizza le 22 opinioni
      Valutazione media: 9.2/10 Nº valutazioni: 22