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Marine Band Crossover Hohner harmonica is the lastest update of the Marine Band

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Crossover Hohner Harmonica!

Upgraded and modern version of the Marine Band. With the help of harmonica customizer Joe Filisko Hohnercreated a new model that is more powerful ,easier to play and clean than ever before.
The covers have a new design that help project better, the bamboo comb gives a warm and clear sound whereas the new screws make it a no-brainer to disassemble.
The Thunderbird offers low Keys and is sold under the name Thunderbird but is really the same model.

Harmonica comb material: bamboo

Recommended for harmonica: all levels
Style of music: Blues, Country, Folk

Famous harmonica players using it: Rick Estrin

Styles Blues
Level Hollywood bowl
Holes 10 hole harmonica
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Dissatisfied with the case
Peter r. on 2020-09-27 The case on a harmonica was not up to par. The key identification sticker was not centered on the ring and the zipper tab was missing. Harp itself was fine though 5th Reed a bit flat. I have 2 other crossovers that are acceptable for the price.
Michael P. on 2020-08-12 excellent
Hohner Diatonic Crossover.
Kelley M. on 2020-07-22 Great service.great product. Thanks. I've been playing for over 45 years and the Hohner Crossover is the best overall Harmonica I've ever owned !!!
Worth the extra money
William B. on 2020-07-15 It took me a while to get used to the beveled edges on the comb but now I appreciate the lack of sharp edges that characterize the standard Marine Band, which has long been my go to harp. I also appreciate the screws as opposed to the nails holding the cover plates. They make it easier to get in and out for cleaning and or adjustments. If you're serious about playing an instrument the first place to invest your hard earned cash is in your instrument. This is a quality instrument well worth the price.
Great price for a top quality harp!
Joshua M. on 2020-07-15 This shop provided me with an excellent quality instrument for a bargain price that is hard to beat elsewhere. They also shipped the item right away. I highly recommend them and would shop with them again.
Robin M. on 2020-07-12 Great harmonica, one of my go to harmonica. Great service fast shipping.
Joseph D. on 2020-06-20 Very nice! Been spend a lot of time learning. Thanks
Hohner Crossover
David B. on 2020-05-25 Excellent product and service.
Steven B. on 2020-05-23 HOHNER crossover harps are the cat's meow
Steven B. on 2020-05-23 HOHNER crossover harps are the cat's meow
great service
Jensen G. on 2020-05-17

sounds great very impressed thank you.

Great harmonica
Joel V. on 2020-05-16

Nice sounding harmonica. Very responsive and a crip sound. I love it now I'd like to check Custom harmonicas see how much better they are!

Crossover Harmonica
Kent H H. on 2020-05-08

Fast Delivery of product. Good sound. Thank You!

Pastor K.C
Keith C. on 2020-04-26 Great
greg d. on 2020-04-21 GREAT Axe!
Hohner Crossover
Wayne B. on 2020-03-12 This has become my A-list harp. They play like butter. 4 5 6 overblows.
Love my new Hohner Crossover Harp
james c. on 2020-02-25 I've found my new go to on-line shop for harmonicas. Thank you.
Get harp
William B. on 2019-12-12 The pros use it. What's not to like?
Best harmonica
Greg S. on 2019-11-28 This is without a doubt the best harmonica I have ever purchased. Beautiful tone outstanding volume with minimal air effort.
James T. on 2019-05-11 Great harp shop
Chris K. on 2019-03-28 The best price. I love the crossovers.
Chris K. on 2019-03-28 The best price. I love the crossovers.
Piano Man Tom
Tom S. on 2019-03-14 After playing an old Marine band for years, this Crossover practically plays itself. It's effortless, yet powerful.
Ron Hall
Ronnie H. on 2019-02-15 Best prices on Crossovers !
Mr. Vernon Steinkamp
Vernon S. on 2018-11-30 My first professional harp, so far, so good.
GREAT as always
Robert B. on 2018-11-24 I'm a MB Crossover or Deluxe guy. A great out of the box harmonica.
Leonard C. on 2018-11-12 Great price fast shipping!
See above
stanley f. on 2018-10-25 Yes
See below
stanley f. on 2018-10-25 These harmonicas allow me to play bright and funky tones. The reeds tend to stick. They do not have the durability of the special 20 harps which are workhorses for me.
Gary F. on 2018-10-16 ....
Great Harmonica
Chaneal F. on 2018-10-07 Beautiful crisp sound. The sound feels very fresh.
Hohner crossover
Harold H. on 2018-08-06 Absolutely the best! Great products at great prices
Edward K. on 2018-08-01 great price, great service, great harp
Harmonica Purchase
Richard V. on 2018-07-20 Impressed on how quickly the order was processed and shipped. Great job!
Nice Bamboo
Thomas E. on 2018-07-12 Very Well Built Harp Plays Easy Full Range
Mr. Howard Blu
Linda R. on 2018-05-30 The Crossover harps are the best diatonics I have ever played in my 52 years of playing. I will continue to replace my lower pitched diatonics with Crossovers. However, because they have a very bright sound I will still stick with Special 20s for the upper pitches. I hav e played Special 20s almost excllusively for many years but the Crossovers are a very welcom addition to my harp case.
Don E. on 2018-03-27 same
Don E. on 2018-03-27 great thanks for the great service, just what I ordered, even with the exchange it was 30 bucks cheaper, and allot more selection.
Made in Germany
Michael B. on 2018-02-12 Overall good quality. Like the bamboo comb. A little leaky out of the box, but much better than it used to be
Made in Germany
Michael B. on 2018-02-12 Overall good quality. Like the bamboo comb. A little leaky out of the box, but much better than it used to be
Crossover Hohner
Gilles P. on 2018-02-08 Fast respons, tuning perfect... Really nice to play !
Top of the line.
Ian C. on 2017-12-29 A great harmonica, very well made , looks good & sounds good right out of the box.
Best Price/Fast Shipping
Jeffry S. on 2017-12-20 Excellent price and just in time for the holidays:)
Michael M. on 2017-12-15 Great bendability, especially on those typical tough bend notes.
Great tone!
Michael M. on 2017-12-15 After many years of playing a different make of harp, it is nice to be back!
Michael M. on 2017-12-15 Love my new crossover harps!
Vyacheslav V. on 2017-12-07 Здравствуйте. Я ещё не получил гармонику. Кстати, я не имею на эту отправку трек-кода. Вячеслав.
Best Harmonica Ever
Robin D. on 2017-10-28 I was looking for a little bit better, and "longer lasting" harmonica that wouldn't break the bank and I found it all with this purchase. and free shipping to boot! But the main thing, it sounds too good to be true! Just real warm, clear lower end tone, nice resonant midtones, and crisp tones from the high end. Can't be beat IMHO, but truly it's only what you yourself believe in, and what you're comfortable playing. For me, these are it! You can't go wrong on these! Thank you.
Great Harps
Kenneth S. on 2017-10-09 Great harp, great price, fast service.
what title
A L. on 2017-10-09 I like it
Great harmonica
Baron W. on 2017-09-21 Great harmonica but I don’t know how much better sounding then the less expensive Special 20. I like them both.
Dominique F. on 2017-09-21 idem
Dominique F. on 2017-09-21 idem
Dominique F. on 2017-09-21 idem
Dominique F. on 2017-09-21 Voir ci dessous
Luke J. on 2017-09-20 Excellent
Great Product
Brian H. on 2017-03-10 Excellent Price
The best blues Harp on the Market
Dick P. on 2016-04-26 Probably the best Hohner blues harmonica at the moment. Really nice sound for acoustic blues duo. Great service too !
Smooth and easy to play
Henry J. on 2004-11-15 Crossovers have been my go-to harp for the last few years. I've tried many other harmonicas, and always come back to the Crossover for tone, airtightness, out-of-the-box tuning and easy bendability. Needs extra tweaking for overblows, as most any harp would
Maybe the best Hohner harp
Alexis B. on 2007-09-15 So they gathered a bunch of players and customizers and came up with an enhanced version of the classic Hohner Marine Band. The Crossover is louder and has a smoother comb (bam boo) you can get some overblows out of the box but can;t say it's as good as a manually setup harp. Definitely one of the best out of the box harmonica on the market and Thank you Harmonicaland for selling it so low !

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