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The Solist Pro has the following features:

  • brass reedplates optimized for loudness and extreme airtightness
  • Reeds specially set for best response
  • half-flat covers for brilliant sound wooden body
  • multiple coats of sealant for a resistant finish.

The Solist Pro is a new development with unique features: The wooden body is ground in two planes around the mouthpiece so that the hole openings have an oval shape. At the same time the front fits better to the lips so that airloss becomes less. With careful rounding of the dividers at the hole entrances the kind of lip care is achieved that is usually only possible with plastic. This is additionally supported by the full sealing of the comb. The surface left naturally after the grinding process provides a very self-contained design distinctive and identically with the region our harmonicas are made.

Audio sample from David Herzhaft .

Styles Folk
Level Better than my neighbour
Holes 10 hole harmonica
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Seydel Blues Solist Pro Harmonica
Rodney C. on 2021-03-29 Great Harmonica!
Seydel Blues Solist Pro Harmonica
Rodney C. on 2021-03-24 Great Harmonica!
Great Harmonica!
Rodney C. on 2021-03-17 Great Customer Service!
Great harp
Dave S. on 2021-02-20 Fast shipping
Great harp
Dave S. on 2021-02-20 Fast shipping
Love it!!!
Eric S. on 2021-01-21 Will for sure be buying more Solist's in the future.
Blues Pro G
Ernest P. on 2020-11-30 Awesome harp. Loving it!
Seydel pro
William M. on 2020-10-10 Great tone, very well made and easy to play. Excellent purchase.
Seydel Blues Harp
David B. on 2020-05-25 Wonderful product and service. Much thanks.
Reed plates
james m. on 2020-04-24 Do you stock reed plates for this model harp in C? Slim
Sounds great!
Sharon Y. on 2019-10-05 This is my first harmonica, and I'm so glad I chose the Seydel Blues Solist Pro. Even in the hands of a beginner it sounds great! Makes me want to spend the whole day practicing and learning how to get my best sound from a great harmonica.
Thank you
Lesley Z. on 2019-03-19 Great service
Great service
Lesley Z. on 2019-03-19 Harmonica was as advertised and arrived quickly thank you.
Great harmonica
James M. on 2018-11-05 I have about 20 Solist Pro Harmonica's. In my opinion they are the best value in a harmonica. They have the best out of the box combs I've found for playing single notes, and they sound great.
Seydel solist pro
J-L T. on 2018-04-17 C'est une marque que je voulais essayer. Je ne suis pas déçu. Excellent à tous points de vue.

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