Hohner CX12 Gold

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CX12 Gold Hohner 12 hole chromatic harmonica - gold finish

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CX12 Gold Hohner

Gold finish for this version, same setup as tteh CX12 Jazz with thicker reedplates than the CX12 black

A modern a very nice looking chromatic harmonica


Harmonica comb material: plastic


Harmonica recommended for level: Badvanced / pro
Style of music: Jazz, Pop, Blues
Famous harmonica players using it: 


Styles Pop
Level Better than my neighbour
Holes 12 hole standard chromatic harmonica
BRIAN P. on 2018-06-23 I like the sound even better than my cx12 jazz!
René P. on 2018-05-15

Superbe harmonica Hohner chromatique CX-12 Gold (version dorée)
Difficile a trouver sauf sur Harmonicaland qui a expedié le colis le jour mëme !

Good bang for the bucks
Chris A. on 2016-09-30 Even though there is no gold per say in this model it really looks fantastic. Sounds better than the CX12 black ( I think the reedplates are upgraded). A bit pricey but not the chromatic harmonica you see everyday around either

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