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Marine Band 364/24 Hohner



Marine Band 364/24 Hohner Harmonica 12 hole blues harmonica

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12 hole model used by Sonny Boy Wiliiamson II
Available in C and D richter tuning extended (same as a 10 hole but with more notes in the lower register)
C solo tuning (tuned like a chromatic all the way)

Harmonica comb material: wood

Recommended for harmonica: advanced
Style of music: Blues

Famous harmonica players using it: Sonny Boy WIlliamson II (Rice Miller)




Styles Blues
Holes 12 hole Blues harmonica
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Marine Band 364 Harmonica
joo h. on 2020-05-08 It was delivered on May 18, 2020 and well received. I like the quality of sound very much. It is a good Harmonica..
darryl p. on 2018-06-22 Excellent
Great sound
Artur M. on 2018-02-18 Blowing low tones on this one is pure pleasure, you don't even have to play something specific, just the sound may be enough.
Sonny Boy's Harp
Sam S. on 2008-12-15 If you are a fan of Sonny Boy Williamson (Rice Miller) like me then you have to get one of those. This is the haro he used on many recordings with extra holes in the bottom that help you create cool rhythm effects just like him ! You gotta help me …

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