230 loops Play-along tracks in all Keys View larger

230 loops Play-along tracks in all Keys


Harmonica School

230 loops to practice improvisation in every genre and all 12 keys !

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230 loops of play-along tracks to practice chord progressions and chord types in all 12 keys
You can combine loops or cut them to your needs and practice in any key.
Loops are 16 to 32 measure long. Professionally produced tracks, a great tool to work with the Encyclopedia of scales books and Dvds Suitable for all instruments

Type of scales you can work on with those play alongs : Major, melodic minor, harmonic minor, double harmonic minor, harmonic major, pentatonics, blues, half diminished, whole tone, augmented, prometheus, messiaen and more ...
Covered chord types : Maj7, Maj7#11, Maj7#5, Min7, MinMaj7, Min7b5, 7, 7#11, 13b9, 7 Alt, Major and minor drone Slow and Fast ii V I Major and ii V i minor

The Full Pack Version includes 230 Loops in WAV and Mp3 formats as well a video tutorial

This Data DVD is over 2.2 Go (approx 3 audio cds)

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