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Gold plated diatonic harmonica Promaster gold

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The Gold Promasters are a limited production version of the Promaster Valved.

Gold Promaster features a C.N.C. machined billet alloy comb the ultimate in precision air tightness and lasting quality. The Phosphor Bronze interchangeable reeds are built using our new computer controlled laser cutting system producing unheard of tone and sound projection.
Plated in 18 karat gold with satin black anodized combs Gold Promaster is the top of this hand crafted line.
Includes a soft lined ergonomic carrying case.

Styles Pop
Level Hollywood bowl
Holes 10 hole harmonica
Harmonica formidable
thierry d. on 2018-03-10 Excellent produit
I struck gold !
James B. on 2010-08-16 I love my plated gold promaster the sound is so much richer than the standard version. Just be advised this model comes with valves I removed mine because I'm not so much of a valve fan. Excellent harmonica and wonderful service by Harmonicaland.


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