Super 64X Hohner

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SUPER 64X chromatic handmade harmonica by Hohner 16 hole 

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Super 64X Hohner

Top of the line 16 hole harmonica by Hohner
Great comfort, amazing sound and look

plexiglass body with gold-plated slide assembly and double-thick reedplates provide the player with excellent dynamics and reed response. Special Super 64X design and construction helps to ensure optimum tuning and airflow balance
For the professional

Harmonica comb material: plexiglass

Harmonica recommended for level: Professional
Style of music: Classical, Jazz
Famous harmonica players using it: 


Styles Classical
Level Hollywood bowl
Holes 16 hole chromatic harmonica
Super 64x Hohner
Daniel T. on 2018-05-09

Excellent harmonica Hohner, tres belle finition haut degamme, son pur
Merci Harmonicaland !

Top of the line 16 hole chromatic harmonica
Brad W. on 2004-07-15 There isn't a lot of high end 16 hole harmonicas to choose from. I really like the look of this Super 64X Hohner. Metal and gold are gorgeous together. The sound is pristine and it keeps its promises for playability, slider works great. Highly recommended.

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