Harmonica case for 12 hole chromatic harmonica by Harmo – black zip pouch



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As expected, a good case
John A. el día 2020-06-21 The case I already knew about; I have one for each of my other harmonicas.
Excellent chromatic pouch for harmonica
 el día 2020-05-17

I love this pouch it works perfectly well with my Hohner harmonica

Excellent quality
John A. el día 2020-03-14 I have several others; it was only natural to get another.
very good first experience
John A. el día 2019-10-20 Easy online purchase. Product quality very good. Delivered quickly
Harmonicas Case
Andrey S. el día 2019-09-12 Very good case and service HarmonicaLand. Thank You.

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