Solo de armónica de su tipo , en su muy cálido vibrato , a los precios más bajos en el mundo

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If you've never seen anything like our new PH-20 Pipe Humming harmonica there's a good reason. It's the only harp of its kind. The hauntingly beautiful sound of a harmonica vibrato is now as easy as playing the blues.
No more struggling to get an air tight seal with your hands. Control is the name of this game.
Get a perfect vibrato the very first time you try.
Slow fast loud low flutter any way you want to make your music sound.
ABS comb and phosphor bronze reeds combine with special nickel plated pipe cover to create a heavy rich deep sound.
The new PH-20 from Suzuki. Pocket the Music!

Uses MR-350 replacement reed plates.

Available in eight keys: C G A D E F Bb and B.


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