Rocket Harmonica Hohner






Sensible cómoda y ruidoso!

El Rocket representa un nuevo avance en el diseño de la armónica diatónica. El peine de diseño ergonómico ha redondeado lados y bordes para el máximo confort. placas de cubierta abiertos y el diseño de canales aumentan la presión para garantizar la máxima intensidad. El Rocket permite a los jugadores para expresar un sonido dinámico de gran alcance.


â € ¢ placas de cubierta abierta de ancho y diseño de canales aumentan la presión para asegurar la máxima sonoridad
â € ¢ peine de diseño ergonómico tiene lados y bordes redondeados para la comodidad completa
â € ¢ Las cubiertas y placas de lámina equipados con tornillos de cabeza Philips permiten un fácil acceso para facilitar el mantenimiento
â € ¢ funda de neopreno resistente permite que la humedad se evapore mientras se mantiene el polvo fuera
â € ¢ Disponible en 12 teclas (C Db D E F Eb F # G Ab A Bb B)
â € ¢ Hecho en Alemania

Styles Blues
Level Beginner
Properties 10 hole harmonica
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Love this harp!
Clifford N. el día 2019-04-19 Great volume, easy to modulate, wonderful ergonomics!
Jacked up special 20 !
John L. el día 2019-04-19 Plays great. Really impressed. I play Hohner Special 20 crossovers and pro harps. I believe I will be ordering more keys with this rocket. Sounds great plays nice.
VALERII S. el día 2019-04-05 Great store, quality products. I recommend to everyone!
Damien C
Damien C. el día 2019-04-01 Débutant, j'apprécie la qualité de l'harmonica et sa confection, très bien adapté pour l'apprentissage !
You'll love this harmonica
David D. el día 2019-03-19 This is like an industrial build supercharged Special 20. Louder than my Crossover and just as ready to play and comfortable.
James C. el día 2019-02-15 Great Harmonica
GILLES B. el día 2018-08-11 agréable en mains et en bouche
Hohner Consistent Quality - Great A Harp
Mark K. el día 2018-08-06 Hohner harps are quality and consistent. HarmonicaLand is grade A+ ~ professional, quality, fast delivery. I’ll only buy Hohner’s and only from HarmonicaLand.
Great Sound
Daniel B. el día 2018-07-19 A very nice and easy to play harp. Easy bends and relatively louder than a Spacial 20. Glad I have a few keys.
Best harmonica to my knowledge and for my purpose
Borden P. el día 2018-02-24 Loud, smooth, big sound.
Hohner Rocket in A
Steven W. el día 2018-02-21 What can I say about a new Hohner harmonica? I love the volume of this harp but from now on I will probably spend a few more dollars to get them on Prime so I can receive them in two days.
Cool harp
Artur M. el día 2018-02-18 I didn't expect much from this model - but it turned to be a very loud, responsive instrument, especially in key of Eb you can play pretty fast on it, like !
Loud and Clear !
Max T. el día 2001-08-16 Just got my Hohner Rocket harmonica from Harmonicaland, thanks for the service guys ! That;s the new Hohner, it has a plastic comb that;s betterquality than their entry model feels better to hold and play. It is a bit louder as advertised. I am somewhat disappointed because it is not as airtight as one would expect.

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