El arpa legendaria para los azules!

Styles Blues
Level Intermediate
Properties 10 hole harmonica
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Reliable and durable
Dave R. el día 2021-05-04 Horner harps are reliable and durable. I buy a lot of harmonicas because I must be hard on them. The Hohner is always the one to buy because they last longer.
Great tone and playability...
Bryan W. el día 2021-03-01 Definitely a great harp for the price and has that Blues tone!!
blues harp
Rex j. el día 2020-09-03 love it!
blues harp
mark e. el día 2020-08-31 Great deal!
Annette H. el día 2020-06-01 I received the WRONG harmonica.
Daniel F. el día 2020-05-30 You sent me the catalog for Harmo; I wish I would have known about that line of products ahead of time.
Haven't received it yet!
Melody D. el día 2019-04-18 Still waiting for you to send it!
Jamie D. el día 2019-01-04 Very nice! Super fast shipment!!!! Thank you
Aminor harp
Jim K. el día 2018-07-09 I was excited to find an Am harp. I had been looking for years. However, I was a bit disappointed to find there are 2 kinds of Am harps. Natural vs Harmonic. The harp I received is a Harmonic. I think the Natural would probably be more what I needed.
All good
Dave R. el día 2018-04-14 I received my harmonica very quickly and it was as it was described.
blues harp
glen H. el día 2018-04-09 i was very happy, i love playing the blues harp, and the price was great, thank you
Hohner Blues Harp key of A
Edward H. el día 2018-02-14 Excellent tone, playability, ease of bending, loud, cool design. Stylish rugged carrying case. Equal to my Special 20 but I like the BH better. Highly recommended.
Good old Blues harp
Sandeep J. el día 2011-09-27 The Blues Harp was my first harp so I bought a new one from harmonicaland. It still sounds the same and it is a very nice harmonica indeed. Great bang for the bucks !
Blues Harp, the name says it all
Mikey S. el día 2016-07-18 Same style as the marine band but I like the sound of the Hohner Blues Harp better. Excellent for acoustic blues exactly what I was looking for. Swiftly shipped.

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