Harmo Polar harmonica blues set 5





Harmo Polar harmonica blues pro pack 5: Key of C D G F A harmonicas delivered in a Gig Bag 7 with a Mini-Mo keychain harmonica!

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How fun can Harmonica be?

Save big with the new Harmo blues pro pack that bundles the most widely used keys to play Blues, Country, Rock and Folk music on your harmonica. You get 5 Professional quality Polar harmonicas with phosphore bronze reeds in the key of C, D, F, G and A which is plenty to cover most songs. It comes with a free Harmo fancy Gig bag  7 (holds up to 7 harmonicas) and a 4 hole Harmo Mini-Mo keychain harmonica!

Ideal for harmonica beginners, enthusiasts, and serious Blues players looking for a good bundle deal!

Harmo polar set
Michael G. on 09/10/2020 I do like these harmonicas very much. I've already bent a few reads out of my C Harp already. I'm going to have to order some spare plates for my C. I'm also interesed in a more advanced set.

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