Harmonica case for 16 hole chromatic harmonica by Harmo – black zip pouch



Chromatic harmonica pouch for 16 hole chromatic harmonica by Harmo

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This new Harmonica vinyl zip pouch by Harmo is the ideal harmonica case to replace your standard harmonica plastic box used by most harmonica brands. It is lighter and sturdy. If fits all the following 14 and 16 hole chromatic harmonica models : Hohner Chromonica 280, Hohner Chromonica 64, Hohner Super 64C Performance, Hohner Super 64X Performance, Hohner Chrometta 14, Hohner Larry Adler 64, Hohner Meisterklasse Suzuki SCX-56, Suzuki SCX-64, Suzuki Sirius 56, Suzuki Sirius 64, Suzuki Fabulous 64 Seydel Symphony Harmo Angel 16, Harmo Admiral 64 and any other standard 16 hole chromatic harmonica. Includes a cleaning cloth

Great protection.
GENE L. on 09/24/2020 I bought this case when I bought a Seydel Symphony. I usually warm my harp in the case that came with my harp, then put it into this case to drive into town. A bit tight of a fit but it's loosening up. This is a great way to pack your 16-hole chromatic around in.
Harmonicas Case
Andrey S. on 09/12/2019 Very good case and service HarmonicaLand. Thank You.

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