Suzuki Scx-48 Chromatix

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SCX-48 Suzuki harmonica is a good balanced 12 hole chromatic harmonica

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SCX-48 Suzuki

The Chromatix SCX-48 Suzuki is a great 12 hole chromatic harmonica that delivers when you need it

Features include ergonomically designed mouthpiece precise and smooth slide mechanism ABS comb extra thick brass reed plates and chrome plated covers.
Attention to details make these harmonica airthight and easy to play 

Packed in a soft line case


Harmonica comb material: plastic


Harmonica recommended for level: All levels
Style of music: Jazz, pop, classical
Famous harmonica players using it: 


Styles Jazz
Level Beginner
Holes 12 hole standard chromatic harmonica
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Harmonica defective
Daniel A. on 06/30/2021 I just received this harmonica a couple of weeks ago. Holes 6 and 7 both produce an audible buzzing vibration on both inhale and exhale. So I called HarmonicaLand to complain and get advice on getting the problem rectified. No response. Please email or call 530-938-1859, so I don't have to block the credit card payment.
walter v. on 03/08/2021 Sorry to bother Order QBGJHFJEZ Suzuki scx48 chromatic arrived March 3rd key of G wanted C how to proceed? Still in box would like to upgrade to the Suzuki SCX 16 hole Thank you Walter
New Harmonica Enthusiast
Jack I. on 09/24/2020 Love my new Suzuki Chromatic even though I’m a newbie.
Marc R. on 09/21/2020 Great tone. All notes sound easily and in tune. Mouthpiece hole spacing is different from what I’m used to, but that just takes practice. Beautiful finish. A hefty beast.
harmonica injouable
Anthony C. on 09/20/2020

Notes qui sonnent doubles (interférences multiples) 

Great playing harp.
tom d. on 05/26/2019 Fantastic piece. Great price, wonderful to play.
Adela G. on 05/13/2019 Good quality
Great experience
Terry W. on 02/15/2019 Fast service, quick delivery, good price, good people. Roll be buying another. Great harmonica.
Very pleased
sam b. on 01/29/2018 I have several of these Suzuki SCX48's in various keys. To me it is the best harmonica made. But of course I have not tried the much more expensive models. For an amateur I don't see how you can beat this one. My other advice is to only buy new ones. The ones on eBay are a crap shoot, older models ((slides and mouth piece not as good) and intermittent reed performance is likely why they are selling.
Philippe d. on 01/07/2018 Super harmonica pas besoin de souffler ou d aspirer comme un boeuf les notes sortent instantanément a un prix imbattable
JEAN CLAUDE B. on 11/09/2017 Conforme à la qualité SUZUKI
JEAN CLAUDE B. on 11/09/2017 Conforme à la qualité SUZUKI
alex l. on 10/30/2017 very nice instrument, delivered in good time. The only negative would be postage. When I bought the harmonica from USA it HAD to be posted so there was no way I could avoid , at the very least, the basic postage cost. The quoted cost then, to UK , should include this cost, with supplements for faster delivery. Nice instrument !

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