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Sub 30 Suzuki valved harmonica to get more bends

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Sub 30 Suzuki

10 holes 3 keys C D A
Designed by Brendan Power
It allows the player to play all the notes with blow and draw bends in a chromatic way
Alternative to overblows due to the valves you can not overblow on this model


Harmonica comb material: plastic

Harmonica recommended for level: advanced

Style of music: jazz, pop, country

Famous harmonica players using it: Brendan Power


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Harmonica qui demande à être ajusté, dur à jouer!
Michel V. on 03/17/2020 Harmonica qui demande à être ajusté, dur à jouer!
SUB 30
Patrice L. on 09/24/2018 prix très concurentiel
Best birthday gift EVER
Mary H. on 07/25/2018 My husband is delighted with his new Suzuki Sub 30. It's a little different from the Hohner UB 40 he's had for many years, but he's not minding the learning curve, and the house is again filled with blues riffs and old standards .
qualité Suzuki
Patrice L. on 05/29/2018 Produit technique à régler à réception.

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