Hohner Discovery 48

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Chromatic harmonica Discovery 48 Hohner

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Discovery 48

For the centenary, HOHNER sets a further milestone help a new generation discover the world of the chromatic harmonica. The Discovery 48 is the ideal starter chromonica for the beginning player and hobby musician.

The screw together assembly permits flexible adjustment to suit the individual requirements of the player and the slide package can easily be converted for left hand use.

The resilient ABS body makes the instrument a reliable companion under all climatic conditions. A simple, robust chromonica „made in Germany“ with an unbeatably priceperformance ratio. Discover the world of the chromonica with the Discovery 48 from HOHNER.

"After playing the Discovery I must conclude that today's beginning players have every reason to be very happy. It's a little masterpiece  -  seemingly very simple, but incorporating many important design elements based on experience. It's finest attributes are its form, weight and sound as well as the elegant simplicity of the slide package.
My compliments!"
(Willi Burger)

Best possible response thanks to optimized channel openings

• Improved airtightness and easier slide action through
  two part slide assembly

• Pleasant haptic through ergonomically formed covers

• Easy maintenance thanks to complete screw together assembly

• Reliable operation in all climate zones due to robust ABS body

‚Ä¢ Covers and mouthpiece/ slide package of Super Chromonica and  Super  Chromonica 270 Deluxe are fully compatible

• Made in Germany

Awesome deal
Afif-Alan G. on 08/02/2019 This is an excellent harmonica with a smooth sound. The price was also great, so awesome deal!
Art P. on 05/27/2019 Nice harmonica. I'm impressed.
A great addition
Stanley B. on 03/31/2018 I own several brands of chromatics. But I love the Discovery 48 so much, this is my one and only second.

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