SUZUKI Suzuki Promaster box Harmonica Set (C, G, A, D, F, Bb) Suzuki Diatonic Harmonicas $279.90 View larger

Suzuki Promaster box Harmonica Set (C, G, A, D, F, Bb)





Six promaster harmonicas by Suzuki, different keys in a compact box, (C D F G A Bb)

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Promaster Box Suzuki

Preferred by the professional musician, the Promaster boxed set delivers just the right key, superb playability, comfort and dependability you'll need for those endless concerts and road sessions.
The Promaster's extreme precision reed plates and laser cut, bendable brass reed system combine with the solid anodized billet aluminum comb to create the best harmonica you have ever played! The ultra-smooth polished stainless steel reed covers are designed for hours and hours of effortless playing comfort.

The boxed set comes in a high impact, compact carrying case with a snap lock top and soft foam divided lining that will protect your investment and create quick and easy access to your Promasters.
Key of : C, G, A, D, F, Bb



Harmonica comb material: metal


Harmonica recommended for level: All levels
Style of music: Blues, country, jazz, pop, rock


Holes10 hole harmonica
Fancy harmonica set
Jennifer M. on 09/16/2004Got it as a gift, very nice set of promaster harmonicas. Clear sound, very neat to play I like those and it comes in the most standard keys, what else can you ask for ?

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