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Harmonica Sets

Harmonica Sets

Harmonica sets are an excellent bargain for the harmonica player who wants to extend his collection or the beginner who already made up his mind. Purchasing a full set of harmonicas is usually a good idea since you always get a discount when doing so!
These harmonicas are for amateurs and professional use. Harmonicaland offer the best selection of Hohner, Harmo, Seydel and Suzuki quality harmonica sets bundled with a case so that you're ready to hit the road! They are perfect to add to your collection of quality harmonicas for the purpose of introducing some light harmonica parts and accents to home recordings in the most popular keys.

Harmonica 3 Sets:

Hohner offers a few options to purchase harmonica sets such as the Hohner Marine Band Pro pack, the Hohner  Blues Harp pro pack or the Hohner Special 20 pro pack. All include 3 harmonicas in the keys of C, G and A which are the most common keys used by diatonic harmonica players.
Harmo has the Polar 3 set that includes 3 Polars in C, G and A as well as a free Gig Bag 7 and a mini keychain harmonica.

Harmonica 5 and 6 Sets:

Suzuki has 2 options for a full set of 6 harmonicas: The Bluesmaster box and the Promaster box both include 6 harmonicas in C D F G A and Bb that come in a plastic box.

Seydel offers several 5 harmonica sets such as the Session Steel set and the 1847 Noble set, they come in a vinyl soft case.

Harmo has the Blues Pro pack a 5 sets that include 5 Polar harmonicas in the most useful keys: C D F G A as well as a free Gig Bag 7 and a mini keychain harmonica

Full harmonicas sets of 12 harmonicas:

A lot of players like to mix and match harmonicas to some extent but if you only want one model we do offer a few options:
Suzuki Folkmaster box is targetting beginners as the Folkmaster is more of an entry-level model it's a great gift but not up to par with the other models listed here

Seydel sets of 12 include options with Session Steels or 1847 models in all 12 keys and come with a softcase.


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