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      Suzuki Manji Major 7th tuning
      Suzuki Manji Major 7th tuning
      Suzuki Manji Major 7th tuning

      Suzuki Manji Major 7th tuning

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      The Manji Major 7th tuning makes it easier to play major melodies in 2nd position

      Suzuki Manji Major 7th tuning

      This special tuning is an expansion on the CT tuning. Here you have both 5 and 9 draw raised by a half step. This tuning is similar to the Harmo Polar super country tuning but the Polar gives you the 10 blow lowered to get a full scale in the high register without having to bend the 10 blow.

      New material body simulating wooden sound


      Having wooden tone and made by new materials that combine plastic playability and durability. 50% of the material is composed of natural wood fiber.

      There are countless small spaces that absorbed water and nutrients in wood materials that produce warm tones. In the same way this body also reproduces its structure inside.(See above pictures.) The solid body reinforced with natural wood fiber produces a sound that is different from ordinary plastic body, and the body itself transimit a sound that makes like entire harmonica groaning. Of course, due to the synthesis with resin, there are no problems such as deformation due to moisture, so that player is not bothered by deformation of the wood.

      Classic Style Cover

      In response to the request of Blues and Rock Harmonica players, the cover style which the back side is all open, the flow of sound from various angles is also designed. It also has a big sound hole on the both sides, which gives the performer the best sound return. Repeated trial and error with the professional player, exquisite hold feeling and sound omission in a traditional cover shape are realized.

      Reed / Reedplate

      The reed plate is realized by Suzuki’s reed research, technology and equipment. Raising the fitting accuracy of mounting reed on plate window to the utmost limit, having the established reputation for over blow, the reed plate is characterized as wide dynamic range and tenacity sound. Moreover, the more it is played the more it responses as if singing to the performer. Since the reed plate is hold by screws, replacement and maintenance can be done smoothly.
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