Suzuki SU-21W tremolo harmonica
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      Suzuki SU-21W Humming tremolo
      Suzuki SU-21W Humming tremolo

      Suzuki SU-21W Humming tremolo

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      Suzuki SU-21W tremolo harmonica key of C

      Key of C

      Sound from resin body containing natural wood fiber


      The body of SU-21W adopts new material containing natural wood fiber. It is a new tremolo harmonica which overcomes the weak point of easy to deform while keeping the sound quality.

      Hybrid tremolo harmonica made by resin and natural wood fiber


      Adopted a new material "resin body containing natural wood fiber" that the sound of wooden body is reproduced by resin body.

      In the body of SU-21W, "resin with natural wood fiber" which has been highly popular by Suzuki 10-holes MANJI is adapted.

      There are several types of material for harmonica body such as wood and resin, and each of which have merits. Because the wooden body absorbs harmonic overtones in high-tones and restrains it, so that it sounds "comfortable, round and soft tone". On the other hand, the merit of the resin body is high manufacturing precision, airtightness, difficulty of breath leakage, and easy to disassemble due to screw fastening. And wooden body using natural wood has disadvantage that it is easy to deform with moisture such as saliva, but this point can be solved by resin body.

      The resin body containing natural wood fiber adopted by SU-21W is a hybrid body that has the merit of both wood and resin. It is the birth of a harmonica that many performers wait for, such as a resin body that is difficult to deform while holding the tone of a comfortable wooden harmonica.

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      Suzuki SU-21W Humming tremolo1
      Suzuki SU-21W Humming tremolo
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