Hardcover case for 20 harmonicas
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      Housse rigide Seydel
      Housse rigide Seydel
      Housse rigide Seydel
      Housse rigide Seydel
      Housse rigide Seydel
      Housse rigide Seydel

      Housse rigide Seydel

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      Harmonicas are not returnable

      Sorry, harmonicas cannot be returned. Do not hesitate in calling us, if you need help choosing.

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      Housse rigide Seydel pour 20 harmonicas Seydel

      • Case made of two hard covers, outside clad with tough synthetic weave.
      • On the inside covered with smooth cloth.
      • Robust zipper with two SEYDEL-Sun pulls.
      • Flexible Neoprene-like inside pockets holding for up to 20 Blues-Harmonicas stored in three racks - really protected and shockproof.
      • Each row has a flap equipped with velcro to close the pockets.
      • The middle row holding for 6 harmonicas can be removed and then serves as an individual pouch or even a beltbag.
      • Two additional velcro holders for two larger harmonicas (e.g. Chromatic) or longish microphones (e.g. SHURE 545 SD).
      • If you fill the upper two racks with 13 instruments (7+6) there is enough space left for cable, microphone and tools in the lower part (also fits for bullet-like mics like the Green Bullet or Astic).
      • 12 instruments of all keys can be sorted like an octave of a piano keyboard!
      • Two eyes are rivited onto the outside - ready for the shoulder strap provided.
      • Small outer dimensons (30 x 19 x 9 cm, 11.8 x 7.5 x 3.5 in), rounded edges and light-weight (550g, 17 oz).

      With this harmonica case you can carry your complete equipment in a very handy and convenient way.

      Shipped without instruments and accessories

       2 Models :

      • 920000 without strap
      • 920000b with strap

      Références spécifiques

      Housse rigide Seydel1
      Seydel hard cover case
      rating 10
      This is a very good solution for traveling on airlines etc. I can have my harps (7-9), mic, cord, and a pedal in the case and pack it in my suitcase or carry in my backpack. It\'s tight but I squeezed everything in. You may need to remove the zippered harp holder and maybe cut out a second one somehow to make everything fit. But this is the best solution I could find for travel.
      Also, David is a great guy to work with and he is very knowledgeable.
      rating 9
      Item is just as described. I put all 12 Special 20?s in it. They are VERY snug but I?m sure that?s just because it?s brand new.

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      rating Lire les 2 avis
      Note moyenne : 9.5/10 Nombre d'avis : 2