Harmonica SCX-64 Suzuki
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      SCX-64 Suzuki
      SCX-64 Suzuki
      SCX-64 Suzuki

      SCX-64 Suzuki

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      Chromatix SCX64, harmonica chromatique professionnel 16 trous fabriqué par Suzuki, bénéficie d'une bonne tenue en main, d'un son soyeux, d'une très grande étanchéité.


      SCX-48 Suzuki


      Dans la série CHROMATIX chez Suzuki, le SCX-64

      C'est le grand frère du SCX48. 
      Fabrication artisanale, étanchéité exceptionnelle ... en 16 trous !

      Disponible uniquement en C


      Harmonica Chromatique 12 trous professionnel, fabrication manuelle, excellente étanchéité, très belle finition
      Un chromatique haut de gamme qui conviendra aussi bien aux débutants qu'aux professionnels. 
      Vous serez surpris par sa qualité de son et de fabrication ! 


      Sommier harmonica: plastique
      Recommendé pour harmonicistes: Tous niveaux
      Style musical: Jazz, pop, classique
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      Fiche technique

      Chromatique 16 trous

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      SCX-64 Suzuki1
      First Harmonica
      rating 9
      I was interested in learning an instrument and was drawn to harmonicas for their portability. I want to play more melodic songs, so I settled on a 64 note chromatic harmonica. At the time of my purchase, Harmonicaland was selling the SCX-64 at a great price relative to other chromatics. Because this is my first and only harmonica, I can\'t compare it to other products and my review is from the perspective of a total beginner.

      First things first, this is a large instrument. My hands are larger than average, but even then it took some time to get used to holding the harmonica. Many people online recommend cupping your hands around the harmonica to form a resonant cavity to improve the clarity of the sound, but that is pretty much impossible to do with the SCX-64. You will most likely need to shift your hands as you play to maintain the seal over the notes you\'re currently playing.

      Because this is my first harmonica, all I can say is that it sounds like a harmonica. The tuning feels right, but I haven\'t tested it with a tuner and I don\'t have a very musical ear. The notes in the first three octaves are easy to sound. The first two holes have noticeable buzzing from the reeds which appears to be a result of their physical size and not a defect in my unit. The upper octave is difficult to play, but this is also expected. Everything I have read mentions that the shortest reeds will be challenging for beginners and because I can sometimes get the note out, I know that I just need more practice.

      Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase. Harmonicas are harder to play than I expected, but it will be a fun journey to musical proficiency. My experience with Harmonicaland was also fantastic. They shipped my harmonica very quickly and it arrived in pristine condition (as far as I could tell). I should add that the harmonica ships in it\'s plastic case, but that case is packaged in an open cardboard sleeve which is not sealed. My first reaction was to question if it was previously opened. However, I saw this mentioned in other reviews so I think that\'s just how Suzuki ships their instruments. This is the reason why I\'m giving it 9/10 instead of 10/10.
      rating 10
      Shipped on Monday and came in on Thursday I was impressed with how fast it came in, harmónica sounded great and was perfect. Excited to re learn all the songs I did on diatonic onto my chromatica
      have not received product
      rating 10
      have not received harmonica.
      Suzuki SCX-64
      rating 10
      I needed a good instrument in fairly short order. Thanks to Harmonicaland, I received a great instrument much sooner than I expected. Couldn\'t be happier.
      Band leader
      rating 10
      I\'ve had this same model in the past. They are all excellent. My favorite harmonica at a good price.
      rating 10
      Great harmonica...fine tone and easy to play... highly recommend
      Suzuki SCX64 harmonica
      rating 8

      Authentic Suzuki harmonica, fast shipping.

      Great Harp, great price
      rating 10
      Really enjoying the harp
      Very pleased...
      rating 10
      Excellent harp and I expected it to be!
      Suzuki Cromatix scx-64
      rating 10
      Armonica cromatica di alto livello qualitativo. Curata in ogni sua parte. Suono squillante

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