16201 - SEYDEL 1847

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1847 mano CLASSIC fatto armonica diatonica, Seydel 1847 Classic Harmonica - Seydel armonica diatonica

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Fatto in Germania.

Classy modello in legno fatti a mano.

Giusto in tempo con il nostro 160 ° anniversario vi presentiamo il nostro premio-modello assoluto!

prima di SEYDEL Era l'anno ... ... ora arriva il 1847 - la prima armonica diatonica Richter-serial-prodotto con canne in acciaio inox!

Per ora disponibile solo in i tasti mostrati nel menù, se si desidera che gli altri preghiamo di inviarci prima di ordinare.

Il 1847 un'armonica che impressiona dall'innovazione, ma comunque adatta a tutte le esigenze tradizionali - lo strumento di un master per ambizioni massimi. Esso combina design di successo e giocabilità molto buona con la durevolezza e una sonorità che stabilisce nuovi standard.

Styles Blues
Level Pro
Properties 10 hole harmonica
Filtro recensioni

Nice…really sweet
Craig S. il giorno 2021-12-05 Awesome harp
3 harps..
Craig S. il giorno 2021-11-05 Love the Seydel classic… Service was fast and I got them before I knew it…Great job Harmonicaland..l will be back…
Singing bliss
Craig S. il giorno 2021-11-05 Love the Seydel classic… Service was fast and I got them before I knew it…Great job Harmonicaland..l will be back…
Three harps that sing..
Craig S. il giorno 2021-11-05 Love the Seydel classic… Service was fast and I got them before I knew it…Great job Harmonicaland..l will be back…
Seydel 1847 Blues Classic
Tamara A. il giorno 2021-08-15 After much research, reviews, and videos it came down to the Seydel as the perfect choice. The quality of the craftsmanship and overall sound was exactly what I was looking for and exactly what I received. I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase and looking forward to an exciting time ahead.
Helluva Harp
Ronald T. il giorno 2020-12-28 Every speck of this Seydel 1847 Classic harmonica is excellent. It’s so easy to play and the sound is head and shoulders above any other make.
My Favorite
John R. il giorno 2019-07-17 Fine quality product ,classic design!
Mr Sharratt
John S. il giorno 2018-07-29 A very nice harp my first Seydel I look forward to buying more.
Seydel 1847
James B. il giorno 2018-06-06 This is my first seydel harmonica, see how the steel reeds hold up. It sounds good. I like it.
What a great instrument
Artur M. il giorno 2018-02-18 All my playing career I have played only Hohner harmonicas. When I first tried my new Seydel, I found it was not loud. After a little more playing it started to reveal its depth. This is a very interesting instrument - gives you full control, pretty responsive, nice sound, I feel like you can get more out of it as you explore it. Definitely going to try Silver and Noble too.
This is my second harmonica and I like it
Milad G. il giorno 2017-10-25 I am a novice harmonica player and I do not think I am qualified to assess a harmonica. But just sharing my opinion with others, I had a Hohner silver star before and this Classic SEYDEL is way better than that!
Highly recommended high end chromatic harmonica
Jack E. il giorno 2011-09-16 The Seydel 1847 classic is their first model with stainless steel reeds. I am not sure if they really last longer but they sound great ! Very good blues harp great tone, holes are a bit larger than regular models and I had to adjust to this. Super fast shipping.

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