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Manji diatonic 10 holes Suzuki harmonica. Loud and clear !

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Manji Suzuki

Named after Suzuki founder the Manji harmonica has a unique comb made of abs and wood
Open covers for a very powerful sound.
Easy to play it is a very good competitor to the Hohner Crossover and makes it a very good choice for acoustic blues and country music

Harmonica comb material: plastic and wood


Recommended for harmonica players of: all levels
Style of music: Blues, Country, Rock
Famous harmonica players using it: Jason Ricci


Styles Blues
Level Beginner
Holes 10 hole harmonica
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Suzuki Manji diatonic harp
Michael H. on 11/11/2017 excellent, loud but warm, crisp response, i love it. Much better than my Lee Oscars. HOW CAN I GET REPLACEMENT REED PLATES??
Great instrument
David D. on 11/08/2017 Plays easily with open clear tone.
Michael S. on 10/26/2017 Out of the box I could do overblows!
guy M. on 10/11/2017 Il me semble que le son est légèrement plus sourd que celui du Crossover en C. le modèle crossover reste plus facile pour les overblows.
Suzuki Manji in D
David D. on 09/21/2017 Great instrument. Responsive, clear bright sound.
A++ Suzuki Manji
Adonis P. on 10/16/2001 Great Harp, plays well, play loud and on key! All notes worked perfectly, even the squeaky high notes. A+++++ 
One of the best
Jennifer M. on 12/12/2009 One of my favorite harp with the Crossover Hohner. Very loud and easy to play. The Manji Suzuki is definitely one the best diatonic harp on the market today. Highly recommended. Swiftly delivered.

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