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      Build Your Harmonica
      Build Your Harmonica
      Build Your Harmonica
      Build Your Harmonica
      Build Your Harmonica
      Build Your Harmonica
      Build Your Harmonica

      Build Your Harmonica

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      Average rating: 10/10 Number of reviews: 9
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      Create your custom Harmonica with Harmo Custom Shop.

      Due to a high volume of orders and the fact that this product is manually customized the current lead time for this harmonica is 1 week.
      If you place your order today the item will be shipped within 1 week.


      • Designed and Assembled in Idaho, USA

      • HARMO proprietary new harmonica cover design by David Herzhaft

      • Quality checked and manually fine-tuned in Eagle, Idaho

      • High-end professional harmonica quality

      • CNC milled harmonica comb and covers*


      Diatonic Harmonica HARMO CUSTOM SHOP harmonica designed and Assembled in the USA.

      1/ Select a comb material for your Custom harmonica :
      Acrylic: A good go-to comb durable with a nice round sound
      Aluminum: Anodized aluminum also available in brushed (matte) finish. Fantastic look and pure sound.
      Brass: Very heavy, deeper and rounder tone impressive resonance. Electro-nickel plated finish.
      Wood: Maple or Walnut. Light and loud, Organic feel and sound. Add your text on the back (optional) for an even more customized harmonica. 

      2/ Choose your cover type and material : 
      Aluminum: Anodized aluminum mix and match your comb color.
      New cover design by David Herzhaft with no gaps on the sides for optimum air-tightness, thicker cover material and Wave shape for maximum Projection
      Brass: Same as Aluminum but electro-nickel plated. Brass is very heavy compare to aluminum so it's a good way to go if you're looking for a deeper tone, more resonance and something heavier to hold.
      Wood: New cover design by David Herzhaft this shape differs from Aluminum and brass covers. No air gap on the sides for maximum air-tightness, fantastic sound and tone. Round shape on the mouthpiece to make it as smooth as possible.

      3/ Pick a Reed setup :

      Classic harmonica: This is recommended for beginners and intermediate players and for players of all levels who mostly play Folk and Blues. We do a classic manual reed adjustment in our US workshop to optimize the reed response in typical playing situations.

      Ultimate harmonica: This setup involves several additional steps of manual reedwork done in our US workshop that makes the harmonica more airtight, more responsive and fully optimized for overblows. This setup is recommended for any style of music : Jazz, Blues, Country, Classical, Folk, Reggae, Funk, Rock … mostly for advanced and pro players who will no doubt enjoy the extra manual individual reed fine tuning.

      4/ Select a Tuning : Standard richter (recommended for most uses)

      Or one of Harmo special tunings :
      Super country Harmo proprietary tuning for Bluegrass, Country and Celtic music
      Natural minor tuning (2nd position) : For Blues, Jazz, R&B, Reggae minor melodies.
      Harmonic minor (1st position) : For Classical, Tango, Oriental, Jazz, EAstern Europe, Gyspy music.
      Paddy Richter (1st position) : For Celtic, Irish music and easy Major scale in the low register
      Half Valved : Standard tuning with valves to allow more bends in the low and high register (overblows are not possible because of valves).

      5/ Pick a Key : Standard tuning is available in C Db D Eb E F F# G Ab A Bb B and Low F

      Other tunings will display available options to choose from.

      6/ If you selected a wood comb you also have the option to laser your custom text on the back of the comb.

      7/ Review your selection and Add to Cart.

      We use the best material and manufacturing process available for our Custom shop harmonicas to offer you the best quality harp and a unique design. Our comb is CNC milled and we use quality phosphore bronze reeds that are loud and very responsive. The covers use a proprietary design created by David Herzhaft . The shape and thickness of the covers is much better than standard harmonicas because our covers allow no air to escape on the side and focus all the sound towards the audience. The specific shape is optimized for better projection and the thickness of the harmonica cover offers a richer tone.

      HARMO CUSTOM SHOP based in Idaho, USA offers more than Eight Thousand combinations to create your own custom harmonica with a wide variety of combs and cover material (acrylic, aluminum,brass, wood) with a choice of many colors (white, green, blue, red, black, aluminum mat, brass, walnut, maple) different keys, special tunings and reed setup.

      HARMO CUSTOM SHOP brings you the ultimate way to create your own Custom harmonica.

      Package includes:

      A zipper case
      A wiping cloth
      Basic playing instructions




      * Except black acrylic comb
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      Build Your Harmonica1
      Custom Harmonica
      rating 10
      The best I ever had
      Custom engraving looks great
      rating 10
      I\'m very happy with my custom harmonica. The custom engraving turned out perfect. Thanks!
      Custom harp
      rating 10

      This harmonica is beautiful but the reedwork is amazing!

      Custom Harmonica
      rating 10
      I bought a custom Harmo in all maple for the warm sound of the wood at the first breath I was floored the sound and ease of this harmonica has my Pure Harps and Fabulus Suzukis beat hands down. Thank you Ric
      Outstanding quality
      rating 10

      Incredible harmonica, Loud, easy to play very well tuned! I Love it

      rating 10
      Exactly what I wanted and arrived on time. :)
      My first custom harmonica
      rating 10
      I love it! Bought it for my girlfriend and she really loves it. Plays very nicely. I've only played inexpensive harmonicas before, and so has she. So this is a major step up.
      Beautiful instrument engraved with my name.
      rating 10
      I have around twenty-five harmonicas in various keys and brands, but this is my all time favorite. It's custom made maple and sounds fantastic. More than reasonably priced for a custom instrument.
      rating 10

      Tres belle qualite du sommier et capots, son puissant et directif, effets de mains (wa-wa) tres efficaces. Tres bonne "glisse"
      J'apprecie particulierement le reglage manual des lamelles qui fait une grosse difference

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