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Harmonica Harmo Custom Shop White Aluminum key of C Harmonica Assembled in the USA.

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Diatonic Harmonica HARMO CUSTOM SHOP White Aluminum comb, white aluminum covers, classic reed setup Key of C harmonica designed and Assembled in the USA.

  • Designed and Assembled in Idaho, USA
  • HARMO proprietary new harmonica cover design by David Herzhaft
  • Harmonica player-owned brand
  • High-end professional harmonica quality
  • CNC milled harmonica comb and covers

The classic reed setup is recommended for beginners, intermediate players and for players of all levels who mostly play Folk and Blues. We make a classic manual reed adjustment in our US workshop to optimize the reed response in typical playing situations.
We use the best material and manufacturing process available for our Custom shop harmonicas to offer you the best quality harp and a unique design. Our comb is CNC milled and we use quality phosphor bronze reeds that are loud and very responsive.
The covers use a proprietary design created by David Herzhaft after 2 years of research and development. The shape and thickness of the covers are much better than standard harmonicas. The covers allow no air to escape on the side and focus all the sound towards the audience. The specific shape is optimized for better projection and the thickness of the harmonica cover offers a richer tone.
HARMO CUSTOM SHOP based in Idaho, USA offers more than Twelve Thousand combinations to create your own custom harmonica with a wide variety of comb and cover material (acrylic, aluminum,brass, wood) with a choice of many colors (white, green, blue, red, black, aluminum mat, brass, walnut, maple) different keys, special tunings and reed set up to bring you the ultimate way to create your own Custom harmonica.
Package includes: A zipper case, A wiping cloth, and Basic playing instructions.

For more options to create your own Custom diatonic harmonica or modify this model go directly to our configurator page:

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