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Harmonica Blog

Harmo diatonic harmonicas

Designed by a professional harmonica player, Harmo harmonicas fill the gap between line-factory products that require endless tweaks or never really play well, and hand-customized instruments that sell for hefty prices. Harmo® brings you the best of both worlds at a competitive price. Hand-adjusted and customized in the USA, our harmonicas are louder and easier to play.

Diatonic harmonica models include the Polar a 10-hole diatonic model made for Blues also available in minor tunings such as the Natural and harmonic minor tuning. The Polar comes in Super country tuning for Bluegrass and COuntry music, Paddy Richter for Celtic and Irish fans and also as a valved model.
The Harmo Torpedo is hand finished in the USA with manual reed optimization to ensure all overbends can be played nicely
And last Harmo Custom Shop diatonic harmonicas are the finest instruments you can buy with a high level of customization and manual optimization made in the USA.


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