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SCX56 Suzuki





SCX 56 chromatic harmonica, Suzuki SCX 56 14 hole Chromatic Harmonica

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SCX-56 Suzuki

The Chromatix SCX-56 Suzuki is a great 14 hole chromatic harmonica that delivers great tone and playability
Gives you a half octave down comapred to a standard 12 hole, nice to get those low reister note from violin and saxophone parts

Features include ergonomically designed mouthpiece precise and smooth slide mechanism ABS comb extra thick brass reed plates and chrome plated covers
Attention to details make these harmonica airthight and easy to play 

Packed in a soft line case


Harmonica comb material: plastic


Harmonica recommended for level: All levels
Style of music: Jazz, pop, classical
Famous harmonica players using it: 


LevelBetter than my neighbour
Holes14 hole chromatic harmonica

Harmonica SCX56
jacques . on 04/27/2020

Bel instrument mais un peu cher par rapport a la concurrence.

Alix D. on 10/01/2019
Several holes not sounding
Warren A. on 03/20/2019Everyone says it's technique but the testing tool at the local shop doesn't sound them either and I don't have a problem with my Hohner CX12. It's a dud.
Très bon harmo
Loic J. on 12/30/2017Facile à jouer, précis avec un son d'enfer.

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