The Suzuki S-48B Sirius 48 Bass chromatic bass harmonica
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      Suzuki S-48B
      Suzuki S-48B
      Suzuki S-48B
      Suzuki S-48B

      Suzuki S-48B

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      The Suzuki S-48B Sirius 48 Bass is the smallest chromatic bass harmonica on the market with Sirius quality

      Smallest Bass Harmonica you have ever seen.

      Covering the same bass range as cello, the smallest bass harmonica you have ever seen.

      Smallest class Bass harmonica covering same bass range as cello.

      S-48B is a chromatic harmonica that can play the same bass range as a cello, with the same style and size as the standard 12-hole 48 tones chromatic harmonica. Until now, there was only a choice of heavy bass harmonica, but with the S-48B you can easily carry and play.


      Bass reed to achieve rich tones - Points of performance

      Sirius S-48B adapt a newly developed dedicated reed.
      This achieves unprecedented music range and rich bass tone, therefore the amplitude is very large and has the characteristic of slow decay (long-lasting).
      For that reason, in the case of blowing and breathing (breathing and blowing) one hole in low range by quick succession without moving slide,
      the valve may resonate and generate noise on the reed that continues to vibrate.
      Although a special valve to reduce noise is adopted, it can be further reduced or avoided depending on the playing method. When noise is noticeable in a specific phrase or music, please pay attention to the following points and enjoy playing.

      -Performance point (low range)-
      ・ Not blow too much / Not breathe too much
      ・ Be aware of constant volume balance
      ・ Attenuate the volume and then move to blowing/breathing
      ・ For No2.(F) which same sound comes out, use properly so as not to be continuous of breathing and blowing.

      Specific References

      Suzuki S-48B1
      I had no reason buying this
      rating 10
      That\'s right... I had absolutely no reason buying this thing.
      But I love it!! There\'s no better sound in the world! No better feeling! I don\'t belong to a band or an orchestra or anything but i do love playing along with different types of Music where I THINK there ought to be some bass! There\'s not much call for a chap and his Bass harp but i love it! go git u one!!

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      Suzuki S-48B bass harmonica
      Suzuki S-48B
      Save $230.00
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      Average rating: 10/10 Number of reviews: 1