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      Suzuki Sirius S-64C
      Suzuki Sirius S-64C

      Suzuki Sirius S-64C

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      Professional metal chromatic harmonica Sirius S-64 Suzuki, 16 holes, 4 octaves

      Sirius S-64 Suzuki

      The Suzuki Sirius combines excellent sound production and a modern, yet elegant design that will not fail to impress. The Sirius is a direct spin-off of our critically claimed Fabulous range of harmonicas and sets a new standard for chromatic harmonica design. This unique instrument allows the player to perform far more expressively than with traditional Chromatics.

      • Range:16-hole, 64 notes (c to d4) sliding chromatic
      • Slide Alignment: Cross
      • Material: Body- ABS plastic comb(body) contained with weighted brass
      • Includes plastic case

      Harmonica comb material: Metal

      Harmonica recommended for level: Professional
      Style of music: Classical, Jazz, Pop


      Data sheet

      16 hole chromatic harmonica

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      Suzuki Sirius S-64C1

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      Suzuki Sirius S-64C
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