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      Hohner Xpression
      Hohner Xpression
      Hohner Xpression

      Hohner Xpression

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      Hohner Xpression harmonica
      12 hole chromatic

      Hohner Xpression

      12 hole chromatic harmonica

      Great for beginners and intermediate players, somewhere between the discovery and the Chromonica.

      The new Chromonica "XPRESSION" Offers the latest technical features and impressive musical capabilities, lending to an expressive and comfortable performance achievable by beginners and advanced players alike. Thanks to its service-friendly construction, and the prioritization of air tightness during its development, the new "XPRESSION" can be used easily regardless of climatic conditions.


      • CNC milled stainless steel mouthpiece with excellent gliding properties and integrated precision slide to provide maximum comfort for the performer
      • Ergonomically shaped stainless steel cover plates for comfortable handling
      • Sound-optimized, sturdy ABS comb
      • Reed plates manufactured to prioritize maximum air tightness
      • Precision-machined brass reeds capable of supporting heavy use
      • All components assembled with screws for easy maintenance
      • 12-Hole Chromatic


      • Stainless Steel Mouthpiece
      • ABS Comb
      • Brass, 1,2mm Reed Plates
      • Made in Germany
      • Suitable For Players Of All Levels
      • Advantages for end customers:
      • Excellent playing capabilities combined with comfortable handling
      • Round, powerful sound with fast tone response
      • Reliable playing regardless of climatic condition
      • Easy maintenance

        Reed plates (material, thickness): brass, 1.2 mm
        Reed plates (surface): brass
        Reeds (number, material): 48, brass
        Comb (material, color): ABS, black
        Comb (finish): ABS, matt
        Mouthpiece (surface): stainless steel
        Cover plates: stainless steel
        Slide construction: straight
        Keys: C
        Type: chromatic
        Tuning: solo tuning
        Number of holes: 12
        Tonal range: 3 octaves, C4 – D7
        Length: 14.3 cm / 5.6"
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      Specific References

      Hohner Xpression1
      Hohner Xpression
      rating 10
      Very disappointing instrument. Poor reed action, no big sound, and quite small. It is for chromatic beginners.
      More Difficult than Expected
      rating 10
      So I taught myself blues harmonica on Hohner diatonic over the winter. I got pretty good pretty fast. William Clarke has always been a big influence and I\'m still trying to get his tone thru various amps and mics. I thought I could further improve my tone with a chromatic which William Clarke plays. Well its way more difficult to get riffs out of a chromatic than I expected. I\'ll continue to try it but I won\'t be surprised if I give up on the chromatic. As far as the product itself - its solid construction and impeccable quality which Hohner always delivers.
      You get what you pay for
      rating 6
      This is the only non-plastic Hohner Harmonica that comes with a half-moon mouth piece - something I have a strong preference for. It also has a short throw, straight tuned slider. The price seemed reasonable for the brand, even considering the ABS comb. So what's not to like about it? Well, it is quite difficult to play and extremely sensitive towards the lower notes, the blow and draw strength has extremely low margin of error, and even marginally questionable if it is tuned right or mine was simply a bad copy.

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      Hohner Xpression
      Save $10.00
      In stock
      rating Read the 3 reviews
      Average rating: 8.7/10 Number of reviews: 3