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Harmonica Neck Holder

Harmonica neck holder

Referred to as Harmonica holder, harmonica neck rack, harmonica rack, harmonica holder 

The harmonica holder was introduced in the early days of Blues playing. Jimmy Reed was one of the most popular Blues singers playing guitar and harmonica at the same time, accompanying himself on the guitar while singing his songs complimented by harmonica licks and long notes.
Bob Dylan and Tony Joe White are folk singers who followed his steps and used the harmonica as an extension of their voice and as a sonic device to enhance their acoustic performances making it the brand sound signature of their own style.
There are basically two types of harmonica neck holders:
- The classic original type such as the Hohner harp holder KM1700 or Suzuki SShh21

Both very straightforward standard harmonica holders. A spring on the side is creating a resistance that will allow you to insert any diatonic harmonica in the middle and hold it tight. TO swap harmonicas you'll have to pry the spring open which is sometimes a bit awkward. You then place the rack around your shoulders and get the harmonica right in front of you. All you have to do at this point is slightly bend forward to reach the harmonica with your lips.

- Modern harmonica holders: The Hohner Flexrack is a more comfortable version of the classic Hohner harmonica neck holder design, better ergonomics and a robust design make it a good choice for the demanding harmonica player.
The Seydel Gecko is the newest harmonica holder on the market and uses a magnet instead of a spring to make swapping harmonicas a seamless experience. It also comes with an easy lock system to easily put the harp holder up or down.

Harmonica racks are recommended for simultaneous guitar and harmonica playing but it also works for drummers or piano players!

No matter what harmonica rack or neck holder you're looking for, Harmonicaland has the best selection for you!