Hohner Echo Harp 54/64

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A classic Tremolo Harmonica by Hohner
Double side

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ECHO HARP 54/64 Hohner

The Hohner 54/64 Echo Harmonica has the capability to play in 2 keys. For more than a century, this double-sided harmonica has been a player favorite. The Echo harmonica's precision tuned reeds create a beautifully blended vibrato tone.

An old school double sided harmonica
One side is in C the other in G
32 holes on each side
Wonderful tremolo effect

Styles Folk
Level Beginner
Holes Grandpa models
what a treat
Jane A. on 04/26/2020 first new harp in many years - it s a joy to play and a joy to listen to. No complaints. Wondering if Harmonica Land can fix my old one?
Great Replacement
Cary E. on 08/06/2019 I got this as a replacement for a vintage Harp that was stolen from me recently, and while there's no replacing the sentimental value tied to the original, this one definitely comes close! Plays like a dream, and came with all the original packaging and documentation. 5/5, would purchase again.

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