Harmonica return policy
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        Due to health concerns related to the use of Harmonicaland’s products, Harmonicaland has a NO RETURN POLICY. If you receive the wrong product or a clearly defective product, DO NOT USE THE PRODUCT. Instead, contact Harmonicaland immediately at +1 800-931-3720 to speak with a customer service representative. Harmonicaland retains sole authority to discern whether you have used the product you claim was incorrect or defective and may deny your attempt to return or exchange the product on that basis. Please note that shipping charges (including expedited shipping) are non-refundable.

There will be a $9.90 processing fee that will be deducted from any refund to cover Harmonicaland's costs to process your initial order. In the event Harmonicaland accepts a return and the item needs cleaning, a $25 cleaning fee will be deducted for each diatonic harmonica, and a $49.90 cleaning fee will be deducted for each chromatic or tremolo harmonica.

Here are some guidelines for technical assistance

Usual non real issues :
- Holes 2 or 3 draw don't produce a note or you get a squirky sound: relax your lips and learn how to position your mouth on the harmonica, there is nothing wrong with the harmonica. You might have the same issue with high notes.

Please read our FAQ here for more info about playing the harmonica and common technical issues

Harmonicas warranty exclude usage of reeds: you might break a reed in 10 seconds whereas a professional will Never break a single reed.
Breaking a reed is NOT covered by Any manufacturer's warranty.

All warranty work must be done through the instruments manufacturer.

We are a seller of harmonicas and accessories. We do not offer a warranty, nor do we guarantee products. It is the various manufacturers that offer product warranties, and it is them that you should contact for warranty. Do not send a product to us for warranty work or repair because we do not repair, or, otherwise work on products. We are happy to assist you with getting warranty work by providing a copy of the sale invoice (to show when the product was purchased) or by contacting the manufacturer's warranty work department to assist in resolving any problems. Telephone numbers for warranty work are as follows:

Hohner (804) 515-1900

Harmo (805) 206-2900

Lee Oskar (425) 844-9889

Suzuki (858) 566-9710

Seydel (828) 505-2346

If you need our assistance, contact us at [email protected].