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 Harmo Chromatic Harmonicas -  Harmonicaland

Harmo Chromatic Harmonicas

Harmo chromatic harmonicas

Harmo harmonicas are designed in the USA by David Herzhaft a professional harmonica player.  Harmo® products fill the gap between line-factory products that require endless tweaks or never really play well, and hand-customized instruments that sell for hefty prices. Harmo® brings you the best of both worlds at a competitive price. Harmo chromatic harmonica line include three options.

Professional quality models

The Harmo Angel 12:

A standard 12 hole chromatic harmonica with an Abs comb, phosphore bronze reeds and stainless steel reeds. Easy to play recommended for beginners and pro players it's a go-to chromatic harmonica with an unrivaled price-quality ratio.
The Harmo Angel 12 comes in several keys such as C, D, G, A, Bb and Low C / C tenor, making it a good option for harmonica players who want to expand their horizon.

The Harmo Angel 16  is a classic 16 hole chromatic harmonica that spans over 4 octaves and give you an additional low octave to play saxophone or violin parts. It's made of an Abs comb, phosphore bronze reeds and stainless steel reeds. Easy to play it is recommended for any player looking for a reliable good quality 16 hole, 64 notes, 4 octave chromatic harmonica at an affordable price.

Harmo top of the line chromatic harmonica:

The Harmo Admiral 64 is Harmo take on a high end professional chromatic harmonica. It;s a 16 hole chromatic harp with a Brass comb that gives it a very warm and round tone as well as better airtightness. Reeds are phoshopre bronze and very durable. 

You can also see all the HARMO chromatic harmonicas on the specific website.