Best Harmonica gift for Halloween?
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Best Harmonica gift for Halloween?

Best Harmonica gift for Halloween?

What’s the best harmonica for Halloween?


When it comes down to Halloween there’s not a lot of harmonicas that can do the trick (or treat).

We basically only have one model that is very creepy and the perfect Halloween gift for any musician or newbie harmonica player. It;s a great quality harmonica made by Hohner in Germany and was actually designed to be Ozzy Ozbourne signature model.

But the packaging is just in a very Halloween creepy spooky mood, the all black designed harmonica comes in a coffin box with Ozzy Ozbourne name on it and a cross. It’s a very nice 10 hole diatonic harmonica that can play folk and blues melodies. It’s perfectly packaged to offer as a gift and will make your friends Howl till the end of the Halloween party!


Halloween gift idea - Hohner ozzy Ozbourne harmonica

Hohner Ozzy Ozbourne harmonica a good gift idea for Halloween


Another Halloween sounding good looking option would be to go for a Custom shop model made by Harmo an American company. They let you select your won comb and cover material which lets you create very unique harmonicas. In this case we would recommend a natural minor tuning that will create ominous sounds. Then a combination of wood covers and red comb or black comb and red covers or really any combination using those Halloween colors.


Here is a very nice one using Aluminum black comb and walnut covers:


Halloween gift idea Harmo custom shop assembled in the USA

Harmo custom shop harmonica aluminum comb and walnut covers


Here’s another one using black and red tones:


Harmonica for hallowwen gift - Harmo custom harmonica with aluminum comb and covers

Harmo custom harmonica red comb black covers

Those models use CNC milled combs and covers which no other harmonica makers does. They are Assembled in the USA but most importantly manual reedwork is done in the US by a harmonica tech offering an extra layer of quality.

We hope you enjoy your new harmonicas and have a Spooky creepy Halloween!

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