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Marine Band Deluxe Hohner harmonica, upgraded version of the Marine Band

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Respect the Roots - State of the Art!

Newer revisited version of the classic Marine Band 1896. Better quality and sound projection make it a favorite of many bluesmen.
Easier to disassemble and clean the Marine band deluxe is the fancy big brother of the classic.

Harmonica comb material: wood

Recommended for harmonica: all levels
Style of music: Blues, country, folk

Famous harmonica players using it: Hip Mc Cain, Johnny Littleton


Styles Blues
Level Better than my neighbour
Holes 10 hole harmonica
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Peterangelo T. on 2020-08-03 excellent
Paul a. on 2020-07-09 Great Service! Fast Delivery! Excellent Product!!!
Paul a. on 2020-07-05 Great Product! Fast service! Pleased! Thank YOU!!!
P Lowen
Pete L. on 2020-06-22 A superb harmonica and well worth the extra cost over other lesser models. Totally brilliant.
Hohner Harp
David B. on 2020-05-25 Excellent product and service.
Marine Band Deluxe
Jesse F. on 2020-05-21 Great harp that looks and sounds good.
Terry L. on 2020-02-20 This was the exact harp my son asked for and it was not easy to find, but we found it here, we got it quickly and it's perfect!
Excellent harp
Stephen H. on 2020-02-19 I love Hohner's tone and the quality of this particular Deluxe.
Hohner purchase—-deluxe
Michael W. on 2020-01-21 Very smooth purchase. Quick delivery. Great job
Hohner diatonic - C
Alfred A. on 2020-01-14 Great harmonica - easy to bend
Hohner diatonic - Bb
Alfred A. on 2020-01-14 Great harmonica - easy to bend.
Great harp at a great price and fast delivery
James A. on 2020-01-03 Liked their service so much that I purchased another harp from them
Beautiful instrument
David D. on 2019-11-27 I've been wanting to try a Marine band deluxe and finally needed a key I didn't have so I bought this one in the key of B. I know I understand why this is such a favorite. It is beautiful to look at to play and to listen to. It's not as loud as the Hohner Rocket but it has a definite charm of its own.
You guys are good!
George t G. on 2019-11-17 I’ve gotten several harmonicas from Harmonica Land. Never a problem. Thanks for the great work!
My First Deluxe
Jay A. on 2019-11-13 So far, I'm liking it.
Harmonica,Hohner, Marine Band Deluxe Bb
Randall B. on 2019-10-25 perfect new condition and perfect sound out of the box. Love it.
MB Deluxe/Special 20
Larry M. on 2019-09-09 Excellent product. Usually stick with Deluxe's, but wanted to try a Special 20.
CHRISTOPHE D. on 2019-06-01 Pas de surprise
Horner Marine Band Deluxe G Harmonic
Fred N. on 2019-05-29 Pleased with tone and quality
Anthy O. on 2019-04-12 n/a
Anthy O. on 2019-04-12 n/a
Anthy O. on 2019-04-12 n/a
old school fine instrument
Christian P. on 2019-02-19 built the way they were when I got my first chromatic in 1957
Great harp!
Waverly M. on 2019-02-18 !
Great harp!
Waverly M. on 2019-02-18 !
Great harp!
Waverly M. on 2019-02-18 !
Neil Young
maggie H. on 2018-12-03 I know nothing about music or harmonicas, but my son wanted one like Neil Young used in his hayday. Harmonica Land folks knew exactly what I should buy. My son loves his new harmonica!
RICHARD N. on 2018-11-30 OK
Robert Whitlock
Robert W. on 2018-09-26 The Marine band deluxe is my favorite harmonica. It’s a refined version of the classic marine band.
Great harp
Dakota W. on 2018-07-24 As much as I love Marine Bands, the Deluxe is a superior harp. Maybe not superior, but some nice little additions. I’ll be purchasing one in B Flat soon!
Bel harmo
Benoit P. on 2018-05-29 Super son jadore . Mon premier est un special 20 que jaime bien aussi. Mais le marine deluxe avec son bois plutot que plastique .. wow Mais jai due payé 25$de douane . Cela ma faché
Great Harp & Great Price
Robert B. on 2018-05-29 MB Deluxe is a great harp. It has the tonal quailty of the original Marine Band but with a much nicer sealed comb. Its also easier to disassemble, clean,and repair. Great harp.
Great harp
Stephen M. on 2018-05-07 Perfecto! I you don't speak Spanish the translation is "perfect"!
HMM Deluxe
william g d. on 2018-04-10 everything was great, from ordering to receiving
David Thompson
David T. on 2018-03-19 Very pleased with the harp. Highly recommend it even for beginners.
Joel L. on 2018-01-30 Excellent quality overall, although the lower reeds required adjustment before it was playable. This was easy to do, thanks to the screw assembly, but a harp of this price really shouldn't need it, imo. In the future, I will buy standard MB's and install screws myself.
Best of The Best
Baron W. on 2018-01-14 I have a crossover and a special 20 but the marine band deluxe is the best. I find it the easiest to bend notes on. It sounds great also. For just playing around with i find a D a little high. My favorite is the B-flat.
Hohner harmonicas
Claude D. on 2017-11-28 see below
hohner harmonicas
Claude D. on 2017-11-28 see below
hohner harmonicas
Claude D. on 2017-11-28 see below
Good instrument Request stopped in Sao Paulo
Roberval S. on 2017-11-27 This istrument is very good.
Harmonica purchase
Bernie B. on 2017-10-24 Satisfied ser
Great way to buy harps!
Robert B. on 2017-10-21 Excellent is all you need to know! Free Shipping is Fast, fast, fast.
James R. on 2017-10-11 Great harp
Love it!
Kirk C. on 2017-10-07 I got this new harmonica for my birthday and love it. It's a bit more spendy than an original Marine Band, but it's awfully easy to tear down for cleaning. I play the harmonica a lot, and so I clean them a lot; this makes that task easier. I also love the sound and really can't tell the difference between my original Marine Band and this one. Time will tell if this was a good purchase... you can only disassemble and reassemble an original Marine Band so many times, this one should last longer justifying the cost.
Novice player
John D. on 2017-10-06 Love the harmonica. First marine band, and it sounds great!
Marine band Deluxe
David S. on 2017-10-06 The best!
Marine Band Deluxe
David E. on 2017-09-21 Excellent Harmonica.. Enjoy playing this quality instrument
See "D" above
Kirk W. on 2017-09-21 See "D" above
See "C" above
Kirk W. on 2017-09-21 See "C" above
Great service, incredible product & value
Kirk W. on 2017-09-21 Love these harmonicas, quality & innovation. The Deluxe model is worth every penny!
Version deluxe çà vaut le coup
Stephane C. on 2014-04-19 Super harmonica Hohner Marine Band Deluxe, bien meilleure que le classique ; plus étanche, des vis pour le démonter et un corps en poirier. Merci harmonicaland !
Excellent Blues harp !
Kenneth R. on 2003-12-11 Deep down Blues sound. Love it for acoustic blues and bluegrass. Not so good for overblows but what a sound ! The Marine Band Deluxe Hohner is clearly much better than a classic Marine Band.

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