Hohner Ace 48

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Hohner Ace 48 chromatic harmonica

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ACE 48

In close cooperation with leading players, we have redefined the standard for chromatic harmonicas in the 21st century. Service-friendly and developed to satisfy the highest musical requirements, the HOHNER ACE 48 also offers two revolutionary features: Acoustic Coupling Elements (ACE) enable uniquely variable sound design, while in addition the new VarioSpring - System permits exact adjustment of slide spring pressure to suit personal preferences.


  • Removable Acoustic Coupling Elements (ACE) modify acoustic impedance to create your own tonal color and adjust weight distribution according to taste
  • New revolutionary VarioSpring - System to easily adjust spring pressure to suit individual playing styles
  • Unparalleled comfort through new ergonomic cover and mouthpiece design
  • CNC precision-milled mouthpiece, closed at the side to ensure silent, airtight slide action
  • Robust nylon zipper case which also functions as mobile workbench
Styles Classical
Level Hollywood bowl
Holes 12 hole standard chromatic harmonica

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