Harmonica case for 12 hole chromatic harmonica by Harmo – black zip pouch



12 hole chromatic pouch for chromatic harmonica by Harmo

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This new Harmonica vinyl zip pouch by Harmo is the ideal harmonica case to replace your standard harmonica plastic box used by most harmonica brands. It is lighter and sturdy. If fits all the following 10 and 12 hole chromatic harmonica models : Hohner Chromonica 270, Hohner Chromonica 270 Deluxe, Hohner Chromonica 260, Hohner CX-12 black, Hohner CX12-Jazz, Hohner CX12 Gold, Hohner, Discovery 48, Hohner Chrometta 10, Hohner Chrometta 12, Hohner Larry Adler 12, Hohner Toot's Thielemans Mellow Tone, Hohner Toots Thielemans Hard Bopper, Hohner Amadeus, Hohner Ace 48 Suzuki SCX-48, Suzuki Sirius 48, Suzuki Fabulous 48 Seydel Chromatic De Luxe, Seydel Chromatic De Luxe Steel, Seydel Sampler Harmo Angel 12 and any other standard 12 hole chromatic harmonica dimensions : Includes a cleaning cloth.

Harmonica not included

Great case!
ROBERT H. on 05/21/2021Excellent case! Fits my Seydel 12 hole Chromatic. Crazy fast delivery!
Ace holder.
Sean S. on 01/05/2021Great buy, perfect fit for my 270!! Thanks.
As expected, a good case
John A. on 06/21/2020The case I already knew about; I have one for each of my other harmonicas.
Excellent chromatic pouch for harmonica
 on 05/17/2020

I love this pouch it works perfectly well with my Hohner harmonica

Excellent quality
John A. on 03/14/2020I have several others; it was only natural to get another.
very good first experience
John A. on 10/20/2019Easy online purchase. Product quality very good. Delivered quickly
Harmonicas Case
Andrey S. on 09/12/2019Very good case and service HarmonicaLand. Thank You.