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      Seydel Solist Pro 12 Steel - Solo tuning
      Seydel Solist Pro 12 Steel - Solo tuning
      Seydel Solist Pro 12 Steel - Solo tuning
      Seydel Solist Pro 12 Steel - Solo tuning

      Seydel Solist Pro 12 Steel - Solo tuning

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      SOLIST PRO 12 STEEL Seydel

      "Seydel Solist Pro 12 Steel - Solo Tuning Harmonica

      The Seydel Solist Pro 12 Steel - Solo Tuning harmonica is a remarkable addition to the world of harmonicas, offering musicians an expanded tonal range and exceptional playability. Crafted with precision and designed for both professional players and beginners, this harmonica is the perfect choice for those looking to explore new musical horizons.

      Product Features:

      The Seydel Solist Pro 12 Steel - Solo Tuning harmonica boasts an array of impressive features that set it apart from traditional harmonicas:

      Expanded Tonal Range: Unlike typical 10-hole diatonic harmonicas, this instrument offers a broader range of notes, making it a versatile choice for various musical styles and genres.

      Stainless Steel Reeds: The harmonica features stainless steel reeds in holes 1-9, enhancing durability and delivering a crisp, clear sound. Holes 10-12 house traditional brass reeds, providing a dynamic tonal contrast.

      Innovative Solo Tuning: The Solo Tuning of this harmonica aligns with the notes found on a chromatic harmonica, offering musicians the same melodic possibilities without the need for a slider.

      Three Full Octaves: With three full octaves available, starting from C4, this harmonica allows folk musicians to effortlessly play melodies across a wide tonal spectrum.

      Wooden Body: The harmonica's wooden body is meticulously crafted and sealed with multiple coats for a durable and resistant finish.

      German Silver Reedplates: High-quality German Silver reedplates contribute to the harmonica's exceptional sound quality and responsiveness.

      Full-Cupped Playing: The Solist Pro 12 Steel is designed to fit comfortably in the player's hands, providing the familiar feel of a 10-hole diatonic harmonica, enabling full-cupped playing for expressive performances.

      Product Benefits:

      Musicians can enjoy numerous benefits when choosing the Seydel Solist Pro 12 Steel - Solo Tuning harmonica:

      • Versatility: This harmonica is suitable for a wide range of musical genres, from folk to blues, thanks to its expanded tonal range.

      • Durability: Stainless steel reeds and German Silver reedplates ensure longevity and consistent performance.

      • Easy Transition: For those new to chromatic harmonicas, the Solo Tuning of this instrument offers a smooth transition into the chromatic world.

      • Melodic Possibilities: With three full octaves at your disposal, you can explore creative melodies and musical ideas effortlessly.

      • Comfortable Playability: The harmonica's design allows for full-cupped playing, making it comfortable and familiar for musicians used to 10-hole diatonic harmonicas."



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      12 hole Blues harmonica

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      Now available in more keys.
      rating 10
      First, I got one of these in C a while ago, when that was the only key they made in \"solo\" tuning. A year and some later, it\'s still great, tone and intonation are good. I use it primarily for playing in Am, like the old technique of using a chromatic without using the slide for minor blues. Of course, it\'s also great for playing first position in C major too. I love having the full 3 octaves of diatonic scale. So, I was glad to see that Seydel now makes them in G, A, and D. Of course, Em is a popular key, so I got the G first, but I\'ll be getting the D (for Bm blues+) in a while. These are really cool harps, And I\'ve been playing since 1965.

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      Seydel Solist pro 12 steel: 12 hole harmonica with stainless steel reeds solo tuning
      Seydel Solist Pro 12 Steel - Solo tuning
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      Average rating: 10/10 Number of reviews: 1