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Harmo diatonic harmonicas

Designed by a professional harmonica player, Harmo® products fill the gap between line-factory products that require endless tweaks or never really play well, and hand-customized instruments that sell for hefty prices. Harmo® brings you the best of both worlds at a competitive price. Hand-adjusted and customized in the U.S., our harmonicas are louder and easier to play.

About the Torpedo. Harmo does handmade, state-of-the-art, custom reed work with our unique tools directly at our Harmo® facility in Idaho. The extra steps we take ensure your harmonica is louder, more airtight and easier to play than any other model on the market.

You can also see all the HARMO diatonic harmonicas on the website : https://harmo.com/c/diatonic-harmonicas/

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