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Lee Oskar Diatonic Harmonicas -  Harmonicaland

Lee Oskar Diatonic Harmonicas

Lee Oskar harmonica

Founded in 1983 Lee Oskar is a harmonica brand manufactured by Tombo in Japan.
Lee Oskar is a Danish harmonica player who later on moved to the US and joined Eric Burdon to found the Pop Rock band War. He toured the world and recorded with War for over 20 years but also made several solo albums down the road. In his late career, Lee Oskar started his own brand known as Lee Oskar harmonicas.
Lee Oskar harmonicas are really one model with a simple design made to be effective and robust. 

Lee Oskar had the idea of multiplying tunings to offer more sonic options to the diatonic harmonica player. Playing minor or major on a diatonic harmonica is not hard but some keys require much more technique and using special tuned models definitely it makes it more accessible for the beginner and intermediate player who instead of learning new pattern and develop more technicality on a standard tuned model can just keep using what they know but get new sounds.
To this day major brands like Hohner, Seydel and Suzuki have never really followed this approach entirely trying just to offer minimal options without going full power. Harmo also owned by a pro harmonica player is currently the only other brand that offers many special tunings in 12 keys.

The Lee Oskar harmonicas are available in standard tuning in all 12 keys but also in Low keys such as Low F, Low F#, Low E, Low D and Low C
Lee Oskar special tuned harmonicas come in 12 keys in Natural minor tuning and harmonic minor tuning
The Lee Oskar Melody Maker a major tuning only comes in 5 keys.

With a plastic comb, brass reeds and stainless steel cover Lee Oskar harmonicas have gained a reputation of being robust and durable.