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Frank the harmonica man
Harmonica land is very knowledgeable about every key flat and sharp.
Frank G.04/05/2019
Great store, quality products. I recommend to everyone!
VALERII S.04/05/2019
Yes, I can return to buy more if needed
The service about delivering and packaging is just very good. I am outside the continental US territory and have no problem at all.
Milton A.04/03/2019
Great service
Mike A.04/03/2019
harmonca land
Free shipping and fast turnaraound. Well packaged. Thanks . Hope to do more business with you when I learn on my Suzuki Harpmaster.
jim h.03/31/2019
Good source for your harmonica needs.
Look, your local music store is never going to have all your harp needs, especially if you like oddities like the orchestra tuned harps. Harmonicaland has them, and ships quickly and safely, (so far)
David B.03/30/2019
Fast delivery
Fast delivery, thanks.
Maqbool P.03/28/2019
Great accessories, best prices
Chris K.03/28/2019
Very Satisfied
Had the selection and quick ship. Thank you.
Lisa H.03/25/2019
Good quick service
My order arrived within about three days. In perfect condition. No problems. Thanks.
Steve W.03/21/2019
Best harmonica source
Best prices and super fast free shipping. Also helpful advice available on the phone..
David D.03/19/2019
Great harmonica
Thanks for great service!
Lesley Z.03/19/2019
Keith, SC
I bought online. Very efficient! Even shipping snail mail was very fast.
keith g.03/16/2019
I've now bought two harps from Harmonicaland. Both were awful out of the box. This, most likely isn't harmonicaland's fault - most likely it's the manufacturers. It would be awesome if the store could check each harp before it goes out, but I realize this is probably unrealistic. My Hohner Thunderbird had bent in and stuck reeds, and my Seydel 1847 is super leaky and unresponsive. The Thunderbird was an easy fix. I've been tweaking the Seydel for almost four months, now - the reed gaps were HUGE, the reedplate bent (which created the leaks), and I'm still trying to figure out what's going on with the covers (they don't seem to sit properly in the reedplate slots). They Seydel rep I talked to on the phone basically suggested that I'm just a crappy player because there's no way a Seydel harp could be so flawed. I'm done with Seydel. I hope I'm not done with Harmonicaland because they have a good selection at decent prices, but I've gotten two crappy out of the box harps from them. I blame the manufacturers...but....I dunno, so far it's a bad batting average.
Sheldon K.03/15/2019
Piano Man Tom
Great selection, wonderful prices, and fast delivery. I hadn't heard of Harmonicaland until I saw it on the internet. I will spread the word. Keep up the good work.
Tom S.03/14/2019
Terrific place to shop
Had my harp mailed and delivered within a few days. Highly recommended.
Vince S.03/14/2019
great shop
fast service, packed with respect and a total pleasure to deal with.
Christian P.02/19/2019
Superior service; sensible shipping
Am always pleased with prompt turnaround on ALL orders....also LOVE that package size is minimized by NOT including the ridiculous cardboard packaging that Hohner uses on single harps. Many thanks!
Waverly M.02/18/2019
Great. Great
I love harmonicaland.
Terry W.02/15/2019
Great service!
Ronnie H.02/15/2019