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Seydel Sesión armónica de acero

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Disposición de tono: Richter
Clave: C

Armónica de los azules con las cañas de acero inoxidable resistentes a la corrosión cubiertas ergonómicas y peine de plástico.

El acero sesión es la actualización de nuestro modelo de sesión exitosa se presenta con una nueva mirada audaz y superior
fiabilidad técnica excelente capacidad de juego y un sonido fantástico.

- placas de cubierta ergonómicas de acero inoxidable completamente redondeadas en la boquilla

- Peine ABS con platos de lengüetas plata alemana empotradas

- Remaches y tornillos de acero inoxidable

- los labios y el diseño de la barba con niños

   - El consumo de aire mínimo alcanzado por platos de lengüetas de corte fino y extremadamente optimizado planitud
pequeñas tolerancias entre caña y reedplate

   - Cañas de acero inoxidable proporcionan el mejor sonido y la respuesta de los 1847 modelos clara y completa

   - Una hasta 5 veces más largo que juega vida en comparación con los modelos con cañas de latón

   - Con estuche de piel genuina conveniente

Styles Rock
Level Beginner
Properties 10 hole harmonica
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Played it last Sunday in church.
Steven G. el día 2019-09-10 The Seydel harmonica is a good lasting alternative to the Hohners I have been using. I hope they last as long as the people on Youtube say they do. I am wearing out the brass reeds on my old Hohner and Johnson Harmonicas, and replacing them (hopefully), one per month. Would love getting a "deal" on a package set of steel reed iSeydels> Thanks.
Best low key harp I've tried
Christopher D. el día 2019-07-09 Everything about the Sessions Steel is attractive: tone, build, design. Great product!
Great low harmonica
Christopher D. el día 2019-07-09 Really like the design and tone of the Session Steel; low D is a standout key too.
If it's a harmonica you want ...
Peter T. el día 2019-06-05 I got my harps on time and in good condition . This was great shopping there as it was not a hassle to find the exact harp I needed, without having to take my chances at our local music store, or on Amazon, where twice now they have sent me the wrong one.
comparison - with ROCKET - - -
Psycho-Acoustics P. el día 2019-05-21 Warm - takes a lot more air than the rocket - good bends and overblows - still learning - and have a preference for the Rocket low C - brassy - loud - much more blusey.
James Hirsen
James H. el día 2019-05-08 .
Really nice harp. Great Selection.
Dale S. el día 2019-05-07 Thanks
Really nice harp. Great Selection.
Dale S. el día 2019-05-07 Thanks
Mike A. el día 2019-04-03 I bought my second seydel. I really want to like them because of their stainless steel components but they don't play as well for me as the Sp 20. I think it's the reed adjustment. More difficult to get the reeds on the first 4 holes adjusted IMHO.
Some not quite as good
David B. el día 2019-03-30 Of the two of these I purchase, the C had less volume, and sounded less full than the other. Perhaps it will open up.
Some better
David B. el día 2019-03-30 Seydel steels are good harps, just some need more breaking in, some have more volume. Don't know why, but I have a few of them, and they're pretty good, and seem durable.
Rare key
David B. el día 2018-11-14 Good product
Mike Bates
Mike B. el día 2018-08-18 Fast Service Thanks
Mike Bates
Mike B. el día 2018-08-18 Thanks Fast Service Great Doing Business with you hear From Me Again
Great Harmonica
Jeffery B. el día 2018-06-27 I was told to buy this harp. I have been a trumpet/bugle player since 1970. The standard harmonicas are too small for what I need. It is well made and sounds great. I just wish I could pick it up and play it like I have been playing for years. Nothing comes easy to me. I just need to practice and this harp will give me the best chance to succeed.
Terry M. el día 2018-05-10 Great harp great fast service what else can I say will do more business here
Session Steel
Thomas M. el día 2018-03-22 I play the harmonica for my own amusement. It's fun to switch between the Session Steel and the 1847.
Joe Suarez
Joseph S. el día 2018-03-16 The harmonica within two - 3 days of order. However, I could barely get a sound from the # 2  draw. I immediately called Seydel and sent the harmonica to their N.C. center for correction. This is disappointing as this is a $60 Seydel and I expected better from them. I've had cheaper harmonicas that have performed much better. Maybe no more Seydels for me.
Positive Review
Parran K. el día 2018-03-01 I received the Seydel a Session harmonica and it was well packaged, arrived promptly and both was and is a fine product. Perry
I ordered a whole set of Seydel Session Steel
Jay S. el día 2017-11-18 I have played 3 gigs with them and so far I love them, they are easy to play, they have great tone and they are easy on the lips. Hopefully they will last a long time as advertised. Jay S. Playing Rockin Blues Harp since 1970
Seydel Blues Session Steel
Roger H. el día 2017-11-12 I am surprised how good this harp is. It sounds great. It bends easy, I tuned and gapped it, and it plays very well. Congrats Seydel, you done good!
Stephen e. el día 2017-10-10 Geart
Stephen e. el día 2017-10-10 Great
plays great
Anthony S. el día 2017-10-05 Compared to my old standby, the Special 20, the Seydel Session Steel plays very easily, is very tight, and has a great sound. Its longevity should make it worth the extra cost.
plays great
Anthony S. el día 2017-10-05 Compared to my old standby, the Special 20, the Seydel Session Steel plays very easily, is very tight, and has a great sound. Its longevity should make it worth the extra cost.
Strange, disonent overtones
Brian B. el día 2017-09-21 A well-made harp that plays well, but due to strange, disonent, non-musical overtones, I frankly can't use it. Back to my old faithful Lee Oskars.
Decent Harp
SAGE H. el día 2017-09-20 Nice design, plays well.
Disappointed with the airy-ness in whole 2
SAGE H. el día 2017-09-20 Has the "wind tunnel" sound on whole 2 which you expect from a cheap harmonica except this is NOT an inexpensive harp. I was disappointed with the airy-ness of this harmonica.
Gene A. el día 2017-04-02 They make a great harp!
Good quality harp from Seydel
Amy D. el día 2006-04-16 The only orange comb harmonica on the market ! The Session Steel Seydel looks good and has stainless steel reeds. Mine did not last longer than my Hohner but anyways it's a good harp but clearly overpriced. Good tone for a plastic comb not too easy to play though.

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