SEYDEL Harmonica - Some of the best harmonicas
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Harmonica manufacturer Seydel ranks among the world's best. Their harmonicas are very famous for their high quality of manufacture in Germany.

Seydel Harmonicas

Seydel is historically the oldest harmonica manufacturer in the world. Founded by two brothers Johann Christian Seydel and Christian August Seydel in 1847. The brand history is more complicated than Hohner though as it struggled through times to establish itself as a major brand. Something that the New Seydel team has been arduously working on in the past 30 years. Seydel harmonicas have a great reputation and are built in Germany. Nowadays Seydel is endorsed by top professional players like Charlie Musselwhite.

Innovations that makes Seydel harps popular today are the fact that most models are available in a wide variety of keys including low and super-low keys (like the Low Low E) and the use of german stainless steel for most of their reeds.
Seydel also offers many options for chromatic harmonicas, diatonic harmonicas but also tremolo harmonicas and accessories like their new harmonica holder the Gecko.

Seydel harmonica categories:

The most popular Seydel harmonicas by review are:

  • The Session Steel, Seydel diatonic harmonica workhorse that features stainless steel reeds and comes in 12 keys as well as many low keys
  • The 1847 Noble another diatonic harmonica targetting a higher-end player with a steeper price. 
  • The Symphony aluminum, Symphony Acrylic - both 16 hole models and the Symphony 48 their brand new revolutionary chromatic harmonica using magnet technology for the slider and a heatable case
  • The Saxony a classic modern chromatic harmonica with very good playability
  • The Skydiver a fresh looking tremolo harmonica using stainless steel reeds
  • The Gecko, Seydel's harmonica holder that uses magnet instead of a spring

Other Seydel harp models to consider:

  • Seydel Blues Session
  • Seydel Orchestra
  • Seydel Blues Favorite
  • Seydel Solist Pro
  • Seydel Solist pro 12 one of the few 12 hole models on the market
  • Seydel 1847 Classic
  • Seydel 1847 Silver
  • Seydel 1847 Lightning
  • Seydel Chromatic De Luxe
  • Seydel Chromatic Deluxe Steel with stainless steel reeds
  • Seydel Sampler for Irish music