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Six bluesmasters, different keys, in a compact box easy to carry! Key's included: C, A, D, F, Bb

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This boxed set of Bluesmaster harmonicas gives the working musician the best of both worlds combining the affordability of the Folkmaster with our world renowned Promaster.
Bluesmaster features our ultra thin, brass laser tuned, bendable, reed system and smooth easy to handle polished stainless steel reed covers. This professional harmonica delivers superb sound projection and tonal clarity. You'll also note the "C" harmonica in the set is built with a black ABS comb making it easy to find among the translucent ruby red combs of the other keys.

The set includes a durable foam lined, divided case with a snap lock top that keeps your harmonicas together and positions your harps for easy access. Key's included: C, A, D, F, Bb

Styles Blues
Level Beginner
Holes 10 hole harmonica
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Brian M. on 02/07/2021 I will be making further purchases shortly (I trust that such further purchases will take less time as COVID finally subsides)... Thank you, Brian
Leonardo P. on 02/15/2019 El producto llegó en perfecto estado
Tim M. on 09/26/2017 Great deal
Great harmonica set !
Amy D. on 07/12/2006 Excellent set of 6 blues harmonicas. Good set of keys C D F G A Bb that's the ones I use most of the time. Box could be better but they play good enough.

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