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Suzuki Promaster - Suzuki Diatonic Harmonicas





  • Machined Phosphor Bronze reed plates (replaceable)
  • Computer-aided laser cut, tuned and bendable reed system
  • Satin anodized, milled, billet aluminum alloy comb

Suzuki Promaster Diatonic Harmonica metal comb for a clear, smooth and deep sound.

THE harmonica you need to play folk songs.

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Description: Suzuki Promaster

The Suzuki Promaster harmonica is a genuine masterpiece. Meticulously crafted by Suzuki, this harmonica is the exact balance between the finest technology and the purest sounds possible.

With its laser tuned reeds and its aluminium comb, the Promaster is a luxury instrument that will undoubtedly be the center of all attentions during any gig.

Because of its laser tuned reeds and of its perfectly designed aluminium comb, the Suzuki Promaster is able to deliver a smooth and deep tone that will delight your audience.

The Promaster’s 10 holes will give you a large variety of sounds to play around with, in order to play a wide range of tunes.

This diatonic harmonica is suited for all players, from beginner to experienced.

Its clarity of tones allow you to play a wide range of country, pop, jazz and blues songs.

Ever wanted to play unforgettable folk sounds? The Promaster is THE harmonica you are looking for.

Play it, and discover how being a folk legend feels.

Suzuki Promaster - FREE Shipping in USA !

Holes10 hole harmonica

David M. on 08/26/2018Pretty much loved by everybody. Me too.
Good Price
Anthony M. on 08/22/2018Good Price
Good Price
Anthony M. on 08/22/2018Good Price
Harmonicaland purchase
Peter K. on 07/10/2018Love the Harmonica. The product was as stated
Harmonicaland purchase
Peter K. on 07/10/2018Love the Harmonica. The product was as stated
Suzuki Promaster key of Low F
Augustus H. on 03/15/2018A really fine instrument, well made, beautiful to look at,, easy to play and sounds great. I love the sound of low harps
Not bad
Artur M. on 02/18/2018The metal comb gives a little cold sound, which may suit for specific styles of music, can't say I liked it much, but not a bad one, will explore further.
Bill M. on 12/05/2017I have used Lee Oskar's for years and had a reed crack on my G harp. Wanted to replace it and saw the Suzuki and decided to give it a try. Love it! Plays great and easy. Like the AL machined comb. Will purchase more of them.
Great Harp (with personal issues)
david f. on 11/08/2017The Promasters are great sounding, solid harps. I own three. That said, I will be switching back to Bluesmasters. Why...,the way the cover plates mates, reed plates, and comb mate in the corners, there is enough of a gap to snag my moustache. Never an issue with any other harp. Bad enough that I've gotten stuck in the middle of a tune and had to leave some whiskers in the harp. Also, I'm sometimes using a HarpArm magnetic holder and the stainless plates are not magnetic.
Manji preferred
Leonard C. on 09/23/2017prefer the manji
Crystal clear harmonica sound
Jennifer M. on 08/16/2011I like metal comb because it gives so much more clarity to the sound. The promaster is very easy to play and band I would even recommend it for beginners. I don't like the valved version though.


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