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Harmonica Beginners

Harmonica for Beginners

Which harmonica should I pick as a beginner harmonica player? Is this the right harmonica for me? Should I choose a plastic comb or a wood comb harmonica? I think I'd need a good book to learn the harmonica. If you're asking yourself all those questions you've come to the right place! Harmonicaland selected the best harmonicas, books,DVDs, and accessories for the beginner harmonica player and regrouped them under one category Harmonica Beginners.

A few quick facts about the best harmonica to get started:
- Go for an easy-to-play model. Some models are designed for more experienced players and might not be the best option for you.
- Good go to models are the Harmo Polar, Hohner Golden MelodySuzuki Promaster and Lee Oskar.
- If you can invest more we would definitely recommend checking out the Harmo Custom Shop models because their reeds are manually optimized and the combs and covers are more airtight than most.
- Pick a key of C harmonica because it's the most common and most standard harmonica.
- If you plan to play Blues, Folr, Rock or Country check out the Harmonica sets we sell here as they include extras or discounts. You could for instance go for a 3 set with C G and A like the Hohner Special 20 Pro Pack or the Harmo Polar set.
- If you're shopping for a Chromatic harmonica we recommend a 12 hole model key of C with a plastic comb like the Hohner CX12 Jazz, the Harmo Angel 12 or the Seydel Symphony 48.

Harmoncialand only selects the best quality harmonicas out there, be sure to contact us if you need help

For more information please read our blog entry about harmonica beginners here.

Modern harmonicas for beginners can also be find on the HARMO website, 12 holes chromatic Harmonicas or 16 holes harmonicas.