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Hohner Meisterklasse Diatonic Harmonica 580/20 all metal harmonica

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Meisterklasse Hohner harmonica - Pure tone

Aluminium harmonica. Very nice and pure tone ideal or jazz, classical and pop music.
If you are looking for a very pure or edgy tone this harmonica is made for you.

Harmonica comb material: aluminium

Recommended for harmonica: Beginners, pro
Style of music: Jazz, Pop, Rock

Famous harmonica players using it: Mark Ford


LevelHollywood bowl
Holes10 hole harmonica

Meisterklasse Harmonica
howard L. on 09/22/2020

This harmonaca was a replacement for one I have misplaced. It has the same tone and resonance,qyality as the prevision one.. I will probably find me organial one. The c is also good. In my openion thesenaremuch better than ones priced much higher least for the songs I play but not up to par to my Harmo Custom.

Recent purchase
Leonard C. on 03/21/2020Satisfied
Recent purchase
Leonard C. on 03/21/2020Satisfied
Great Harmonica
Charlie M. on 11/15/2018The Hohner Meisterklasse is a beautiful instrument.
Jerry S. on 08/14/2018see above
Jerry S. on 08/14/2018I am satisfied with my two purchases -- the C and the G diatonic Meisterklasse harmonicas. They will will replace the other two I had that have seen a lot of wear. The order went through without a hitch.
Love this harp
Barton K. on 10/31/2017I love the Meisterklasse's tone, its tactile qualities, reliability. It may not be my first choice for the blues but I have no problem with the bends, they're just a little stiffer than on a more blues-oriented harp. For other genres - in my case, jazz, rock, folk, standards - it's an outstanding and beautiful harp.

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